The Currents of Evolution

Again we stress the fact that every Earth change will affect the human structure and every change within the human will affect the Earth’s Matrix. The major change within the human is to raise the frequencies of the lower bodies into the heart center. The Earth changes manifest in the increase of solar flares and […]

The Journey Towards Love

When we reach the bottom of despair, of feeling unloved, abandoned, and are completely blinded by the ego self, it is that moment that the gates of light will be opened if we so choose. When we reach out to the ultimate light of unconditional Divine Love, we enter the path and begin to recognize […]

The Process of Chrysalis

Nymphalidae – Danaus plexippus – Chrysalis As we all know, one of the most remarkable processes of transformation is the process of a caterpillar undergoing the changes of chrysalis. Understanding every section of this transformation will help us adapt to our human process of evolution into the higher levels of consciousness. The body is a […]