The Quan Yin Virtual Class ~ 8 PDF Courses

Quan Yin virtual course was created for those that we wish to evolve into our true form of higher Consciousness.



Quan Yin virtual course is an in-depth, all-inclusive enlightenment program. 

Some background,

The Harmonic convergence of 1987 was an agreement by every human, living or in spirit form, that we wish to evolve into our true form of higher Consciousness. This requires a complete restructuring of all 4 levels of the human structure the PEMS – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual body layers. It has to be remodeled in order to become compatible with the Earth’s change of higher frequency.

The chakra system is one of the vital energy structures that have to be reprogrammed. It is part of the virtual classes to address the changes. The EHF program is part of the tools needed to start the process of the acceleration of a 3D-human into a 5D human. The Goddess Quan Yin has been chosen to become the Gateway for the Divine Feminine energy frequencies of Love and Compassion to balance the vibrations of the Masculine and Feminine energies within humanity.

This intensive course will transform your outlook on life and help you see things clearly, under the light of love and compassion. From modules 1-8 we will unpack the main layers of the ego, teach you what to look for and show you how to transform the dark heavy thought patterns to wisdom, understanding and love.

We will teach you in-depth about the Chakras, their purpose, what they do and how they work, also how they affect our lives and when something is bothering you (mental or physical) what that means for you. We will take you into the realm of quantum energy fields, To understand the energy of the body and how it works and why it’s important. 

Please note that if you wish to do the EHF ( Energy healing Facilitation) Lvl 1 courses. It is highly recommended to do this 1st as it will help you to understand the language and why we are doing what we are doing when working on clients and ourselves. 

This course has a lot of information that has taken years to put together, they were originally sold as separate units for 60$ each! But because of the speeding up timeline, and the importance of the information we are giving the whole course for only 125$  and to keep true to the mission. The money is going to help continue the work and get this information to the people who seek it.

  • Are you ready to take the plunge? 
  • Are you ready to have some fun? 
  • Are you willing to do what it takes? 
  • No matter what the consequences or stakes?
  • Are you ready to set yourself free?
  • Are you ready to truly BE? 
  • Are you ready to walk with thy?
  • Threw the mud then we must go!
  • Keep the faith sometimes it’s slow.
  • Do not give up, the path is clear.
  • The light within is stronger than your fear.
  • Transform that fear and you will see,
  • Peoples lives change because of we,
  • The beauty is in how we see.

Lots of love from the EHF crew!