What is EHF?


EHF was founded based on a combination of intuitive knowledge, research, and Angelic guidance from the Divine Feminine Energies. And it was channeled through the Quan Yin Star Gate. (Quan Yin is considered to be the ‘Divine Feminine aspect of the Buddha and represents the energy of Compassion, Motherhood, and Divine Love.)

EHF is a healing modality presenting the healing practitioner with the new energy tools to work with that we are now able to tap into. The tools are energy enhancing modalities based on spiritual knowledge used to empower the PEMS (Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual) bodies promoting balanced healing for the whole human system.

This modality offers personal healing for the practitioner first. It will help the practitioner adjust, with ease and grace, to the constant changes that are becoming part of our reality in the New Energy. Resisting the constant flow of Change will be like trying to swim upstream against a very strong current.

In the past, the higher frequencies of the other dimensions were hidden for many of us who were still within the 3-D vibrational awareness. Today we are becoming more and more awakened and aware that parts of us exist in many dimensions all at once. EHF creates the opportunities to open the gates into these unexplored areas that are part of our day-to-day existence on the Earth plane. Exploration into New Higher Energy fields is now available and presents unlimited possibilities in the area of Energy Healing. 

EHF increases our awareness of the multidimensional layers of our DNA and the potential of awakening all 12 layers during this lifetime. It prepares us for the influx of higher Feminine Divine Energies that are now raining upon us, moving us towards a balanced Male/Female energy pattern.

The activation of the many higher-frequency Energy grids in our reality allows us to tap into this knowledge and use it in our healing sessions. This Universal Love Energy is for everyone who wishes to use it. It is completely Free except for One thing. It requires an open heart to Unconditional Divine Love.

EHF can stand on its own but it can greatly enhance any other healing modality. Long Distance EHF sessions have proven to be very successful.

Why is it Different?

EHF is an energy healing method that does not follow any of the basic ‘rules’ that other methods are based on.  It is very fluid, very open to the constantly changing flow of the new energy. It grows and becomes stronger based upon the practitioner’s spiritual advancements. This program is changing and growing in correlation to the practitioner’s own spiritual growth in conjunction with the Great Shift in Consciousness we are experiencing in this lifetime.

As a practitioner, you are encouraged to work on yourself first. To heal the deeper shadow layers within self and to gain the wisdom of these experiences is part of level one.  You will also learn how to open your own inter-dimensional layers and tap into the vibrational frequencies of the Higher Energy streams that are now available to us. The intent is to learn how to ground so deeply that you become a Lightning rod through which this powerful new energy flow can travel safely through you at a very high frequency.

As you gain more confidence in your own healing you will feel more confident in helping others heal themselves.

I repeat that since EHF is very flexible and open to the constant changes in the Energy fields it is important for the practitioner to be comfortable with constant changes as well. As One works with the EHF energy, its strength will grow within each practitioner in relation to the person’s own choices of the rate of growth.

Level one is the preparation stage. It prepares the body layers through cleansing and releasing process that is needed to enter the transformational changes into the higher ascension energy levels.

Level two or the advanced level will take you deeper into the clearing and releasing of the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It is a journey of discovery that demands your full commitment to the healing work first on yourself before offering to help others.

For those who wish to commit themselves to become an EHF Master Teacher, level three is a very intense session that will take you even deeper within. This will prepare you to step into the role of the Master Teacher, the guide and mentor to others who have chosen the path of the Goddess Quan Yin. Becoming a teacher does not mean that you have to stand before a classroom for a teacher teaches with one’s way of life as a way-shower.


The EHF program is a vital part of the Goddess path to Enlightenment.