What Our Students Have To Say…

Renee Labonte

I was able to elevate my vibrational level, learned how to harvest and channel Universal Life Force Energy.

Dianne Albers

You will not be disappointed when you take the EHF course, it will magnify and complement any other modality

The Hon. Dan Kochi

Having taken courses in Reiki, Qi Gong, and other energy modalities, EHF has been a progression in my spiritual journey.

Jim Ford

I would highly recommend it for anyone even if it is for the purpose of your own healing.

Linda Beaucage

To sum it all up I think of Reiki as a Dial-up modem and the EHF as High-speed one.

Margo Free

I was unsure what to expect in the EHF level 1 course, and the experience profoundly changed the way I feel and think about energy and the path of ascension. I feel a deep peace and sense of surrender to this path and am grateful to walk upon it.