Terri Demarco

Jun, 23, 2008

Sudbury, Ont

It was a powerful and fun workshop.
The truth that Our Teacher walks and shares during the EHF classes is a gift each person attending receives as we move forward on our path of self-healing and remembering who we are. I gratefully use the tools and techniques of EHF with all the other healing modalities that flow during a healing session when working on myself and when I am working with others. Each person is encouraged to look and feel within for the answers that are already there, quietly and patiently allowing each person to connect with their divine healing guidance and to feel empowered with each choice. The energy of the Divine Mother’s healing grace is demonstrated in the EHF approach to each class and individual’s questions during a workshop weekend. Learning is fun, the techniques are easy to use and we are all encouraged to work on ourselves as we take a look at the bigger picture and understand how we “fit in”. It was a powerful and fun workshop. Terri Demarco – Seichim Reiki Master

Margo Free

I was unsure what to expect in the EHF level 1 course, and the experience profoundly changed the way I feel and think about energy and the path of ascension. I feel a deep peace and sense of surrender to this path and am grateful to walk upon it.

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