The Coming of the Great Shift

August 25, 2016
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

Preparing for the Awakening of the Divine Feminine Energies

Since the harmonic convergence, we have been moving toward the massive changes necessary to prepare the field for rising into higher levels of consciousness. This has never happened before in the history of the known universe, of which the earth is part of. This year is a pivotal year of completion of all the preparatory work needed for the Great Shift to occur. The information gifted here is not to enlist fear, but to encourage knowingness and awareness to ease the choices we must make each moment of our lives as we enter the next section of the Shift.

As the spiritual community has known, the awakening of the Divine Feminine energies was vital toward the required balance within the flow of the process of evolution. The goddess Quan Yin has been holding the gates to allow the waves of the loving Divine Feminine energy to flow upon the earth realms to reach this balance. This year of 2016 will be the time for the higher major transmissions of the Divine Feminine to enter the earth’s realms to announce the fact that we have reached the point of no return.

These major waves that are being sent to us will bring us the core of the Divine Feminine presence. These energy waves provide us with the choice to accept the move into balance or not at this stage of the Shift. It opens the pathways within everyone who is ready to embrace the energetic waves of the emotional attributes of the nurturing, loving mother and compassion of the feminine gender. It opens the way toward the emotions of friendships to all genders and all attributes that reveal the Divine Feminine within.

The currents of change have increased in intensity

Sitting on the fence will not be accepted any longer by the Higher Council of the Oversoul. No choice is considered a choice, and it will be looked upon as a default step. The time for ego-stubborn insistence to keep walking on the same rutted roads is over. The old roads are being dismantled as we speak. This is the year to achieve the male/female balance within each human/soul partnership. We are approaching our destiny of balance within unity consciousness, and the time for separation and disassociation is over.

The currents of change have increased in intensity, and trying to swim against it or choosing not to swim in it at all will only bring up the muddy churnings of darker emotions. Sitting on the fence opens your life’s path to be strewn with heavy debris as the winds of change will reach tornado proportions this year. The year 2016, as noted, has a 9 numerical value and is looked upon as the year of the rising goddess.

Superimposed and supported with another 9 upon the Goddess attributes come the characteristics of the Year of the Fire Monkey. To understand the implications of this combination, we need to examine the life cycle of the monkey. A monkey encounters constant changes in its daily life and accepts the completion of each day to begin another adventure with the next sunrise. It is not worried where the next food will come from; it will just swing to another branch, another tree, and follow its senses to find food. The monkey is playful, fun loving, and is filled with the curiosity of the inner child. It will explore any changes that come in its path without fear and expectations. This does not mean that you have to behave like a child to reach this state.

On the contrary, the one who has reached the spiritual adult stage will fully embrace the wonder, the magic, the curiosity, and the fun-filled excitement of the inner child with the guidance of the mature and responsible adulthood. On the other hand, the ones still walking the path of a spiritual child/teenager have not reached the independent, mature, and responsible state of spiritual adulthood. Like a physical child, the spiritual child in an adult human body continues to seek attention and is not capable of dealing with responsible maturity. This spiritual child chooses to exist in the room that is fully controlled by all aspects of the ego, especially the spiritual ego, for those considering themselves as spiritual light workers.


Shih Yin

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