Life Changing Times

September 29, 2016
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

Most of us are beginning to realize that the world around us is changing, and as the Earth changes, so do we as human beings. Our human bodies are part of the Earth, born of her elemental particles, and we acknowledge this every time we quote the phrase “From dust to dust.” More will be discussed regarding our relationship with the Earth Mother as we move along this path.

Since the Harmonic convergence, many pathways have surfaced to help those who are choosing to walk the path of enlightenment in this lifetime. There is a flavor for every human soul at this very moment in time of the Great Shift, providing the possibilities of ultimate diversity that will form the New Platform of the New World. The Goddess Path is just one of many that is now available to choose from. The Goddess Path is not the easiest one to walk, and it can be a very challenging one even for the courageous seeker and traveler. However, let it be known that you will not walk this path alone, for the new Master guides and spiritual family will support you every step of the way, for we are all members of One Divine Family.

The information provided through the channel here is, therefore, based on this pathway. The goddess has come to gift us with the potential and the availability to awaken the Divine Feminine within us. We have had many prophets and seers who incarnated in human form to help us grow into spiritual maturity. They infused the information and the knowledge to help us gain deeper understanding of who we are and what our human journey is all about. One of these seers was Edgar Cayce, often known as the Sleeping Prophet.

According to this powerful Seer, “The Mother sees, Mother knows, Mother feels those same feelings of that love which is in the earth that makes of the heavenly home. And while I am in the spirit planes, I am yet present in the minds and hearts of those who express to me the love as [built] in the being” (Reading 243-5).

The Divine Feminine is within all of us as is the Divine Masculine. The Divine Feminine is the Mother part of us that is wired to feel the energies of nurturing and compassionate caring with love. Either many of us have not completely understood the message sent to us from the Divine Creator or we ignore and shut down that Divine Feminine part of us.

We, the humans who are presently alive on the earth, are very fortunate. We have front-row seats to experience, watch, and witness the great Earth changes that were predicted many years ago. We are all entering the great shift in human consciousness, and in order to walk this path, we need to shift, heal, and re-calibrate our present consciousness by seeking balance between our masculine and feminine sides. All the layers of the body, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts are intertwined, and when one is off balance, so are the others, and the disease seeps and anchors in the physical biological layer.

Human emotions are very strong and powerful currents of energy that can affect the human life in all its aspects. One of the most important messages we were given by many messengers such as Jesus, Mohammad, the Buddha, and others were the knowledge of how transforming words can be, especially forgiveness.

Shih Yin

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