The Human Space Suit

October 6, 2016
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

In order to enter the higher frequencies of the interdimensional highways of consciousness, we need to undergo a massive restructuring process. Imagine the discovery of a new habitable planet. However, to reach it, we need new spacecraft and new space suits. As humans, it is difficult for our thought patterns to fathom the massive changes and rebuilding that is necessary before the new structures can be implemented. The Goddess Path takes us step-by-step and layer by layer as it guides us through the intricate dismantling of the old wiring system of the human matrix. Our resident soul partners are bound and anchored within this matrix and cannot evolve within a weak or sick human shell with all its layers both in the physical and etheric structures. These structures can be termed as a kind of space suit for the soul, for without it, the soul cannot enter and experience the 3-D duality reality of Earth. Think of this space suit as the old computer system before Wi-Fi. It requires upgrading, remodeling, rebooting, and re-configuring of its operating system so that it can contain more memory, more functional powers, and the capability of interdimensional travel. The target of the great shift is to shift our duality consciousness to the higher dimensional frequencies so that we can travel the interdimensional highways.

The Harmonic Convergence has given the soul/human symbiont the key toward the evolvement of the human physical matrix in complete partnership with the soul. This has never happened before within the First Creation; thus, this unusual exciting phenomenon is the beginning of the realization of the potential of the Second Creation. It is a massive undertaking of every quantum engineering skill at all levels to begin this reconstruction within interdimensional space. The human matrix has earned the right to join its soul partner into the higher vibrations of consciousness, where only filaments of Love-Light frequencies can exist.

Therefore, to begin this renovating project, we need to study the mechanisms and structure of the anchors that allowed the soul/human to exist and experience its shadow-emotional-self with the boundaries of 3-D time and space. The first major “root or anchor” is the ego-self. Both the negative and the positive layers are just as powerful and deeply rooted in the tapestry of the matrix. Many of the ego-strands or wiring are often very subtle, difficult for the human mind to recognize until the mind is awakened within its consciousness with the desire to rise and step into the path of spiritual exploration. The ego-wiring system is intertwined into every part and layer of the construct. It is like a massive spiderweb, and when one wire is triggered, it affects the whole web. The vibrational frequencies of the trigger ripple through each fiber like the strings of an instrument and cause imbalances wherever it goes or whatever it touches.

In studying the structure of the ego-root system, we may be able to gain the knowledge of how to begin to raise the level of consciousness to a higher frequency. All we have to do is to recognize all of the ego’s control powers with our emotional and mental bodies. It oversees all systems, and it uses fear as its overseer. We need to remember that it has full power within the realms of the 3-D consciousness, for it cannot exist in the levels of higher consciousness of Light frequencies. It is, therefore, logical to the human mind that the ego will do its utmost best to exist, and it will fight for its right to stay alive and well. To do so, it will create many illusions to keep the human mind from discovering its presence. In other words, it will enter a sabotage mode to prevent the changes from happening.

The ego thrives on drama and feeds upon the emotions that it creates. It wants to become a robe of glory that ultimately defines the personality of the person wearing it. Transforming each part of it into a higher frequency with the words of Light and Love is the first steps on the evolution ladder. The spiritual ego and the control ego layers are the strongest and the most elusive and challenging strands to transform.

Shih Yin

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