The Wiring System

October 20, 2016
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

Consciousness exists within every molecule, and the DNA strands are the communicating wiring system that connects and monitors every function of the symbiont both at the physical and etheric levels. Imagine the DNA as a massive telecommunication system that has the ability to go beyond time and dimensional space. Imagine being able to make a phone call to another planet. Long-distance phone calls to another continent were, not too long ago, just a dream. Today it is a reality, and so too will this fifth dimensional communication system manifest in the future of human evolution. This future potentiality is one that the ego does not wish to happen, for it shows its eventual extinction as it will be completely absorbed by the light vibrations. A shadow cannot form when you stand directly in full sunlight.

Each lesson we learn is an exploration, a study, and at the same time, an opportunity to heal the inner self. It is an appointment for healing and repairing not only the physical layers but also the “unseen” psychic mental and emotional structures. In healing the self, we begin to create the construction platform and the launching pad that will initiate the evolution of our consciousness. It is an opportunity for those who chose this path to reach for the stars and to evolve into the human angels we have always dreamt about. Again it is not an easy journey, and the fruit of this challenging journey cannot be described in human words. It is an expedition in search for a treasure we have been searching for during our many lifetimes. With the Harmonic Convergence, we have finally found the right map to the ultimate treasure, that of the level of Higher Consciousness, where the vibration of Love and Light exist.

The strongest clue on this treasure map is the acceptance that we have free will as humans. Free will is all about choice. Each and every choice is honored, never judged by the ultimate Creator. Part of the awakening process is our understanding to honor and accept everyone’s choice no matter how it may look like.

The following are sample questions that may help you with your choice.

  • Are you ready to change your life?
  • Are you ready to heal the physical, the mental, and the spiritual bodies of your being?
  • Are you ready to commit yourself, your time, and your energies to do the work necessary to walk this path?
  • Are you ready to boldly go where no soul has walked before?


These questions may help the traveler taking the first steps, with loving intent. It can open the gates to infinite potentials of self-awareness and spiritual growth. Walking through these gates initiates the possibilities of the rise to higher consciousness. It is part of the upgrade process of the frequencies of the energy fields that make up the human structure such as the Auric fields and the Merkabah. All enlightening pathways have all the same components to work with in this profound journey of the Great Shift. As presented before, the Goddess Path is a version that came to us through the Quan Yin Channel and is overlit with her personal loving guidance.

For many the journey often begins with the most familiar human question “Why?” Every toddler picks up this important question, and it continues to permeate our lives as humans. Why are we here? Why is life so difficult at times? Why do the bad people get all the brakes? These are just a few of the questions that roam our thoughts and have a tendency to cause trauma to our minds.

The Goddess uses stories, analogies, or fairy-tale-like versions to help our human minds gain more clarity and a deeper understanding of the human journey. It requires a heavy dose of imagination. The human mind is a powerful tool, and the process of imagination is an uncharted power wave that has not been completely understood. The shift revealed the knowledge that the level of our consciousness can only be raised with greater understanding of the gift of free will, as mentioned earlier, that can bring more clarity to the human journey.

The Goddess Quan Yin has chosen the lotus as her personal emblem, a kind of signature. The Goddess Quan Yin has often been portrayed surrounded by or even seated upon a lotus flower. To those who have followed her teachings, to her the lotus represents the flower of life and is a symbol of the beauty within us. Its petals also depict the light fins within the chakra system that forms our main “electrical” power grid in the spine. The Goddess brings us the analogy of the lotus with this profound statement: “No mud, no lotus.” The life cycle of the lotus is a unique story, and it closely resembles the life journey of a human soul.

Shih Yin


This year brings hard-work especially for the Spiritual Tiger. If not grounded and committed to the work it will encounter turbulence on its path.

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