Quan Yin December

December 15, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

December is the 12th month of the year and it is a month of completion. It is the opportunity for all of us for closure at all levels in our lives in the NOW moment. The Soul-team is requesting that you detach from everything that does not resonate with your choice of vibration and that includes relationships and attachments of all 3D/duality categories. It is completing and closing all contracts that no longer serve you in this life-time. It does not mean that you love your family and friends any less; it is rather the opposite energetically. It is the time for the ultimate choice and NO-choice is considered a choice by the Soul-team. For those who have chosen to remain spiritually asleep during this voyage, the choice is made in agreement between the un-conscious-self and the conscious Soul-Team.

The Fire Rooster is stepping down from its place upon the roof tops and the top of every fence post. His awakening call has called forth the phoenix to begin its burning pyre of all the accumulated dirt and dust on the old feathers. The old phoenix knows that to enter the fire is not the end but an opportunity for renewal. Our old human body is like that of the phoenix. We have accumulated a lot of debris on our feathers through numerous reincarnations and it is time for a rebirth with a new set of different feathers. This will precipitate many miracle-like breakthroughs for many within this life-time.

By different feathers we are talking about the energetic layers that now contain higher levels of Consciousness thus vibrating at a higher frequency. This new construct will evolve into complete balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male creative energies as it grows into maturity. It has been said that a rebirth into human form is a lot harder and more challenging than leaving the old body shell behind in human death. It is one of the reasons we come in with no memories to lighten the trauma of reincarnation into human form.

The loud voice of the Station Master of “ALL ABOARD” will be

broadcasted throughout the globe. NO ONE will be left behind as the last train-cabin or last air-plane flight leaves the old 3D-duality station/airport. However note that each cabin has its own environmental holodeck reality. This means that we, the humans who occupy the chosen cabin will not realize that we have moved. It is the same principle of frequency as an airplane cabin. We the passengers often do not realize at what speed the plane is flying through the air because our bodies are encapsulated inside the vibrational reality of the moving plane. Imagine what will happen if you got a seat on the outside wing or sitting on top of a train both moving with the speed of light!!!


Each passenger has made the choice when each

purchased the ticket to get on this specific flight pattern. All the passengers on the flight know that the plane is flying to a different place leaving behind everything that is known and familiar. Upon arrival at a different and at times strange airport, some may have planned to transfer and board another flight while others may have chosen to remain at the first destination. No matter what the choice, the plane will leave the airport where you were boarding.

The same scenario can also be interpreted as one boarding a train. Inside the train you know that the train is moving but that you are safe. Imagine those who are sitting on top or hanging onto the outside of the train. Consider the trauma and the discomfort as the train gains speed, think of the power of the 4 elements that will bombard those on the outside. Since we are travelling on a quantum train, plane or space-ship, fortunately this cannot happen. Logically it is truly impossible for anyone to hang on to the outside of any moving vehicle at high speed especially if the vehicle is traveling through dimensional space. By the way there are no buses available because a local earth bus cannot reach the speed of light or blast off into space.

In a sense we are on a massive evacuation process moving from a 3D-duality to a 5D existence. Every occupant of every reality within the Earth-Realms is being evacuated and not eliminated or imprisoned because of the agreement of the Harmonic convergence. Like any kind of move, it can be chaotic for everyone and everything. How you will accept the change (it is non-negotiable), determines the condition of your trip. Will it be smooth and peaceful or will it be full of drama and suffering. Free will is in every choice; suffering and pain are optional and can be requested on the flight or train-ride. You can look at it with excitement, anticipation of a great adventure or face it with FEAR that creates anger, discontent, unhappiness, and resentments in fact a state of continual irritating discomfort.

Dec 31st is just a date in the human linear time-line. Within etheric quantum time we are already moving towards our new destination. For many it may take many re-incarnations into many life-times or for those choosing the reality of awakening it will be like the blink of the eye. The last train carriage and the last air-plane flight have left the 3D train stations and 3D Airports. Again be at ease for our angelic-Soul-teams and the Ascended masters are travelling with us and will keep us safely within the parameters of our Free-Will Choices.



The ‘first-class’ sections of the train or the Space-ship are already reaching the deeper currents of the voyage while the last sections are only leaving the station by the end of this year. Where your seat is on this quantum transport depends on your ticket that you have purchased. The cost of the ‘ticket’ is based on your level of Consciousness at the moment you bought the ticket. There is a special this Month of December 2017 for an upgrade if you choose to do so. Yes there is a cost involved in the upgrade. The cost is the acceptance of the Shadow-self and the effort to upgrade the Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual computer software into the higher mode based on Divine-Love. This upgrade will be offered again in different linear-time frames for those who are ready and able to ‘pay’ the price of the first-class seats. Of course be aware that the Ego wants to be in the first-class section and it will try to ‘scalp’ first class tickets to anyone willing to pay the price. The Ego does not have the licence to dole out quantum tickets and instead only has illusionary ones for sale.


This year’s Christmas, Hanukkah and other customary celebrations have been designated as the biggest SALE ever in procuring your choice of ‘seats’. It is a time to celebrate harmony in compassion and fellowship with an open heart. The sale price is nothing more than a loving heart who accepts everyone and everything as part of a Unified Field of Love. We repeat that NO-ONE will be left behind. Seats will be assigned to those choosing not to enter the reality of awakening by their angelic Soul-guide-teams. If they choose to awaken during this life-time, there still is a possibility for them to choose a different seat in a different cabin within the next 20 year linear time-line.


 Have a good trip

Shih Yin

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