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April 20, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

The Earth Realms have been slumbering under the harsh conditions of a Spiritual Winter for a very long time. It is finally ready to enter the long awaited time for the awakening of the Spiritual Spring. Spring is the herald for new growth, new opportunities, and new potentials towards the manifestations of the beauty of blossoms of all kinds.

The frequency of sound is the foundation of all creation and it began with the Celestial sound that reverberated through the void “LET THERE BE LIGHT”. It was the manifestation of the first Spring within the Universe of the Earth’s realms. Throughout the ages, our ancient forefathers have understood that sound is a direct communication between humanity and the Divine Universal Life Force, which permeates every aspect of Life.

The transition between each major change can be felt as a Still Point where the vibrational frequency of sound shifts as in the cold winter winds begin to shift into the song of spring. A still Point is a moment where everything seems to stop to create the opportunity for the Universe to catch its breath, to return to center. These Still Point moments are often known as the INTERVAL of the fifth note within the spectrum of sound. The ancient sages and Masters in China have defined it as the sound of Universal harmony between the forces of Yin and Yang vibrations of duality. In India, the fifth is believed to create a sound through which Shiva calls Shakti to the dance of Life. The ancient alchemists called the Interval crux ansata and believed it to be a transition point where matter crossed over into spirit. The Egyptians called it anak and think it a Still point where the earth ends and our ascension into spirit begins. For them the number five represented the unity of heaven and earth. Today we see the 5-pointed star as the Goddess gate to enlightenment through which the voice of the Divine Feminine bathes us with compassion and love. In ancient Sanskrit language the word anak means child. We are considered to be the Spiritual children playing in the field of Duality. It is now time for us to grow up with the wisdom and knowledge of the bridge into enlightenment of Spirit.

Within the energetic healing arts the fifth gate is the throat chakra and is a vital gate through which the heavier shadow blockages can be released so that a Still Point can be achieved. It is therefore with great anticipation that the Earth Realms await the entrance of this Spiritual Spring where the Universal fifth gate is opened. This is the Still point we have been waiting for. Through this gate the disharmony that has imprisoned the voice of the Mass Consciousness now has the chance to re-tune and re-calibrate into the uplifting harmony of a higher Consciousness. It is the promise of a Spiritual Spring where Heaven can sprout and grow on Earth.

To make this happen the sound frequency of creation needs the combined voices of the Earth Realms. The combined sound that will shout into the heavens ‘LET THERE BE LOVE’ is the trigger that will manifest the SECOND CREATION. When this universal second voice ripples and reverberates throughout the Omniverse it is taken up by more and more voices and its echoes will be heard everywhere. Love is nothing more than the highest frequencies of the spectrum of all Light and it has the capacity to reach all dimensional realms.

We as humans hold the key of the Interval and the whole Universe itself is holding her breath to wait for all of us to lift the gates with the sound of our combined voices of LET THERE BE LOVE. We are the choir that has been practicing for centuries to reach the harmony that will unlock the gates. Without a choir that can sing the same song with the highest harmonious frequency possible the key cannot be turned. It has been noted that the missing chord has been the fifth note. The Goddess Quan Yin and her team have been sending us this note through the gates of every Full moon and will continue to do so this year.

To support this phenomenal transition the planets within this galaxy are shifting and opening the pathways of the Fifth gate. New alignments are now visually sighted as a cross-like position in the heavens within the Earth Realms. Increasing powerful gamma rays from the sun continue to support the great shift in every strand within the sound frequencies of Earth.

Astronomers have been monitoring the heavenly star maps and have noticed the increase in the shifting patterns. More alignments and retrogrades seem to coincide with major Earth changes. The shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles has continued preparing for the dimensional journey of the great shift. The Earth has entered the beginning layers of the dimensional veils and this has manifested in revealing the hidden particles within the Asteroid belt. Dwarf planets have been discovered and one of these carried the energies of the missing Fifth chord.  The following is part of an article by Mahala a dedicated astrologer. (http://blog.mahalasastrology.com/)

On April 8, right before the full moon of April 10th, the sun will be on 19 degrees Aries (conjunct Eris) in opposition to Jupiter on 18 Libra and square Pluto on 19 degrees Capricorn.  Vesta, the Asteroid of great power will be on 23 degrees Cancer. This will make a very powerful cross in the heavens. From April 8th to the full moon on April 10 those transits could cause a major event to happen that might open the doorway to a higher frequency reality. This could also be the opening of the 6th seal in Revelation.

This degree of 19.5  Aries connects with all of the other planets in our solar system and opens a doorway to the Galactic Center on 27-28 degrees Sagittarius, which is where Saturn is now located.. This appears to be a very important event and it could be time for the opening of the time tunnel between Uranus and Earth and the sounding of the lost chord. It could also cause the splitting of the time-lines. If this happens it will be the beginning of our Freedom here on planet Earth. We will be out of the Matrix and able to enter a new reality that could possibly be the beginning of the Golden Age. We will feel the first energy wave on the Spring Equinox.



Are you ready to lift up your voice and allow the song of your heart to join the choir with the song of LET THERE BE LOVE and LET IT BEGIN WITH ME


Let it all begin with me

Let my love shine for you to see

Let us raise our voices in joyful song

Let us remember that to the One we all belong

Let us invite Heaven into Earth to stay

Lift up your voice without delay

Let your Love show the way

Let the magic and wonder start today

Shih Yin

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