Mothers Day Blog

May 13, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

 The power of human thought energy when focused on one theme creates a powerful energetic wave that can change the course of human Consciousness. We have seen this phenomenon when the one called Jesus brought in the awareness of the Christ Consciousness and Christianity was born. Other Masters such as Mohammad and the Buddha taught the same message. Each one brought the lessons of the true meaning of unconditional Divine LOVE.

Within linear time of Duality these messages became twisted, polluted by the controlling Mass Ego persona. The Harmonic Convergence was the alarm clock that rang and it awakened parts of the Mass Consciousness that was ready for change. The choice was broadcast throughout the 3D reality for each earth resident to choose. The Earth mother has already chosen and is in the process of her move into a higher frequency of Being. Upon the request of the Mass human Consciousness she agreed to allow us to join her in the alchemy of evolution. The code to enter into this process is to re-boot, update and reprogram our Consciousness from conditional duality Love vibration into the higher frequencies of unconditional Divine Love awareness.

The month of May was chosen to heighten the awareness of the energy of Unconditional LOVE. The first step to initiate the evolutionary process is to accept the Mother image. A mother is the Divine Feminine epitomic symbol for unconditional actions of Love. Acknowledging the Mother in every female incarnate everywhere will create the focused beam of Love energy. The stronger the accumulated sincere love beam the stronger the supporting ingredient will be towards the evolution of our combined consciousness.

The key words here are sincerity, integrity and truth that come from the brightest corners of the Heart. The beams sent during Mother’s Day will be channeled through a Divine filter of Love through the Ultimate Heart. Only those sent of pure thought and intend can be harvested and added to the unconditional vessel of collective unity. Anything that is contaminated by the Ego persona will only loop back like a boomerang and will be rejected by the Soul-partnering teams.

As we have known 2017 is a very important year for the evolutionary process we are in. This Mother’s day section within the linear time line of Duality is therefore one of the greatest opportunities to open our hearts and send out unconditional Love to every Mother living or not, known or not and present or not. It is an opportunity to heal or enhance the relationship you have with your present Mother in this life time. Remember that you chose your Mother for this incarnation for a purpose. The Soul who became your mother agreed to play the role you asked her to play in this life time. She loved you so much that she agreed to take on the kind of mother you needed to help you navigate your choice of evolution. In her human form she is not aware of these higher teachings. The change in relationship is for you to initiate, for you are the one who created the story of your present life. It takes courage and determination of the human psyche to embark on this journey of evolution and it starts with the Mother who gave birth to you and/or the Mother who raised you.

To my mother 

I wish to thank you for loving me

I am grateful as you taught me to BE

I am filled with gratitude for your loving acts

I am sorry that so often I forget these facts

A child I was who chose you to be my mentor and my guide

In stormy weather and sunny skies you walk patiently by my side

I might not always understand your actions

I often struggle against your infractions

My heart contracts in forgiveness and understanding

Now I realize that love was the base for your demanding

My heart overflows with love just thinking about you

I remember how patiently you showed me how to tie my shoe

Tears flow from me as I felt your kisses and hugs again

Your examples of loving, with me will always remain.

Today I send you my respect, gratitude and love

Today I envelope you with loving beams from above

To all the Mothers everywhere

Whether you are here or there

Know that my love for you flows freely

From my Heart to yours I send it sincerely


Shih Yin

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