The Journey Towards Love

November 10, 2016
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

When we reach the bottom of despair, of feeling unloved, abandoned, and are completely blinded by the ego self, it is that moment that the gates of light will be opened if we so choose.

When we reach out to the ultimate light of unconditional Divine Love, we enter the path and begin to recognize our heritage, our way home. Divine Love frequencies are the vibrational filaments of light that can light our way home back to our Divine Source of being.

The soul exists completely within Divine Love frequency. It descended into the 3-D duality earth realms to learn and experience the heavier strands of the illusions of human interpretations of love. The human ideal of love is based on a conditional platform. The soul’s assignment is to rise above the conditional anchors and begin the evolutionary process toward unconditional love attributes. It is the harvesting of the process of evolution of trans-morphing the heavy, dark raw emotions into the higher vibrations of consciousness of Divine Love frequencies. It is the analogy of the life of the lotus. The lotus has to harvest the dark mud in order to fuel its growth toward the surface of the pond, where light exists.

When you claim that you love someone without understanding what Divine Love is, it becomes an emotion wrapped in empty flattery and self-deception created with the help of the ego-mind. If you cannot accept yourself with all the shadow layers, the self without the entire pretentious persona, how can you claim to love the self?

Claiming to love the self with the urging’s of the ego-control mind is again a kind of self-deception, an illusion of the true meaning of love. Claiming to have reached self-love without awareness is another ego-aspect. It is propelled by self-yearning to see the self the way the self-persona-character wishes to be seen by itself and by expectation to be seen as such by others. Claiming self-love through acts of selfishness wraps the notion of self-love in thick fog of illusions. Claiming to love others by claiming actions based on an overflow of self-love magnifies the waves of control-ego issues, creating a stormy cycle of heavy emotions.

Self-love requires balance. Balance can only be achieved through evolution, the emerging of the Higher Conscious mind within the heart. Balance is necessary to enter Unity Consciousness with the merge of the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The male-mental-ego-mind needs to accept the female-emotional-ego-mind and vice versa. When both finally intertwine and merge into one strand within the heart mind, it activates the flow of balance. The heart mind is the spring from which flows the comprehension of self-love. The heart mind is the only one able to fill itself with the filaments of unconditional Divine Love frequencies without interference of the ego mind.

Within the heart mind, the light filaments can grow and increase its self-love properties, reaching toward the Ultimate Divine-Heart-Mind center. Here the ego must capitulate and release its hold on the persona, for it cannot exist when the Divine-Heart-Mind takes over. The ego is not killed, but instead, it is transformed when wrapped and encapsulated within the blazing light of Divine Love. The ego-shadow-self is overlit and absorbed by the brightness of the Divine Love-Light, de-anchoring it completely out of duality. Unconditional Divine Love vibrations are the light filaments that define the structure of the Divine-Heart-Mind. Thus, only Love-Light energies can exist here, and full awareness and acceptance of self-love can be achieved. Without the food of self-love, the Tree of Life within us cannot grow into maturity.

In the eyes of the Loving Creator, we are the most perfect imperfections that it has created with the purpose of experiencing the dark void of raw, creative energies. When you take full responsibility of your choices and enter the adult game board, you give yourself the potential to complete one set of karmic debts in this lifetime. This line of the crossroads leads into the completion of the energy matrix of life lessons in this lifetime. This choice includes the healing potential of a number of life-lesson stamps, and it leads to the manifestation of the first steps to mastery.

Shih Yin

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