April 11, 2023
Shih Yin

Shih Yin


Linear time was created for us as a very long road or Train-track with a beginning and an ending. We reincarnate every time at the beginning, travel along the road of EGO-DUALITY to learn how to transform the violent darkness of thoughts and emotions into a new mixture of Love and Light. Every time we get distracted by the EGO temptations of glory and physical satisfactions; it creates a kind of block on the road. I see it as if there is a muddy pot-hole puddle that gets bigger and deeper when it is not repaired. Patching it will only last for awhile.


When all this was planned, the Jewish people agreed to become the chosen test subjects in this experiment of Consciousness. The results of the tests were then shared with all the other races as we, as a human Mass consciousness tried to find the right combination for the new product that is a new human Divine-symbiont. The area chosen for the experiments, was in the EASTERN QUADRANT of the Earth, the ancestral birthplace of the Jewish nation.  We see it now as the birth place of all the major Religions. Each was given a piece of the puzzle of Divine-Creation and provided the many choices for humans to belief in. 3D humans needed a supporting line that gave them hope and some peace as they face the stormy waves of Duality.


One of the most successful tests was when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son. He passed that test and the size of the pothole became smaller. However, it became much bigger when the 7 brothers sold Joseph into slavery in Egypt. 7 years later his father, Jacob and the 7 brothers and their families moved into Egypt. Years later their descendants faced the ancestral Karma and became slaves in Egypt. That karma had to be paid in full and one section was ended with the arrival of Moses. Moses introduced the 10 commandments and was the next patch for the mudpuddle. However, it was not completely repaired because they had to wander in the dessert for 40 years to allow the old group to die out and that involved Moses himself because he still had to conquer his anger, frustrations and disappointments.


The new, younger Jewish generation then were finally allowed to come out of the dessert led by Joshua who much later reincarnated as Jesus. Coming out of the dessert, the descendants spread out and began to occupy the area around the RED-SEA that we now know as separated countries with different names. Moses reincarnated as Mohammed to lead the factions that settled within these areas and brought them the Islamic Spiritual teachings. For those in the Tibetan and Northern India regions, another Ascended Master reincarnated as the Buddha and introduced the Buddhist way of life. These Spiritual Energy pockets were anchored in the EASTERN quadrant and slowly began to seep into the West, South and North following the path of the SUN.


Human Mass Consciousness was still struggling with the mudpuddle and was faced with the unresolved karmic ledgers. The Jewish descendants were again enslaved by the Roman empire and had to fall deeper into the potholes until the entrance of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus reminded his people of the 10 commandments and added the Lord’s prayer to begin to patch the oozing mudpuddles of suffering. Thus, Christianity was born as Jesus was acknowledge as the Risen Christ. The Roman empire fell and the Christian church built their empire’s headquarters in Rome with a Pope as its leader. Jesus, the teacher and prophet gave the Christians the information regarding the transformation into the higher vibrations of Light. To create a counter move, the Mass EGO-MIND fought big time to keep the mudpuddle from being repaired and infiltrated the BIBLE, changing it and polluting it with darkness illusions. It manifested the brain-washing techniques within the Church’s dogmas and the fight for spiritual power began.  The puddle then became bigger and deeper with the Holy wars, the Spanish inquisition The French revolution and the 1st World war. We see this era as another DARKNESS OF THE SOUL for the original Christian Church began to break into multiple branches with different believe systems derived from the bible. It created the diversity the human mind seemed to need based on individual choices.  It helped for some years as we (human consciousness) healed the cracks by stopping the madness of persecutions. It was decided to allow the immigration of Europeans to the new discovered continents of America and Australia. It was hoped that a chance of creating a new country with new rules might lead to a better understanding and growth of the Spiritual Mind. Again, it worked for awhile, imagine a pothole on the road being patched but not repaired (Healed)


The next phase of the Darkness rose again as Hitler came to power and initiated the 2nd WORLD WAR. This created bigger cracks and mudpuddles because technology created more powerful weapons of destruction. Not only did it involve the EASTERN Quadrant (Japan) but it spread across the WEST as the US entered the War. In this time-frame the Jewish community was faced with the strongest test ever. The question was:” Could they forgive their enemies and torturers?” Will the energy of forgiveness be understood by the other communities? Will the Black race forgive the White? Will the Red race forgive the White? Etc etc. The patched potholes cracked again and became bigger mudholes as the violence of war escalated across the globe.


The Jewish race was stationed in the EAST, Jesus, known as the Messiah rose in the EAST Like the Sun that will always rise in the EAST. The SUN is the source of life for the Earth, without its rays of light nothing can live on Earth. The one called Jesus embodied the Divine-Creator-Light, it is as if he was an injection against a virus of darkness. After the War, the Jewish nation, still mired within the old believe systems and customs was granted a section of their ancestral land, now known as Israel. This faction still believes that the Messiah will come to save them and rescue them from the Darkness of the Soul. However, the war between the original tribes who came with Moses continued as long as the Karmic issues between ancestral brothers are not resolved. Darkness again slowly covered the East as if a heavy curtain covered the Eastern horizon when the war in the East continued its Ego-hate based destructions.


The Mass Consciousness recouped after the 2nd WAR as the energies of Compassion and love of brotherhood began to rise again. To remind us all that the Light from the EAST, is the sign of rebirth into spiritual awakening, the human creative mind created the EASTER celebrations.

We needed symbols to help us and we created the stories of Easter using the soft and cuddly non-aggressive bunnies with the colouring of the Easter eggs. Eggs were used as the symbol of the potential rebirthing of Life. Decorating them gave us the hope and the message for our children that the colorful rays of the rainbow always come after a rainstorm. For those who held onto the messages of the Christ, his resurrection became part of the story. More messages were sent through various channels to keep reminding the Human Mass Mind what the resurrection was all about. It finally worked with the agreement of the Harmonic convergence and the human Mass consciousness awakened to the potential of mass enlightenment, awakening and entering the process of the evolution of the human race as one unit. This step into the evolution of Consciousness requires the discarding and healing of the Brain-washing energies that we have allowed to control our minds. It created a dark fog of misinterpretations of the Spiritual messages and became an emotional block preventing many to awaken into the spiritual Truth of SELF.


We now know that the Goddess Quan Yin was chosen to be the Divine Feminine gate keeper as the balance between the male and female energies are needed for the process of Ascension.

She began by channeling the most important messages that: EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE. This means that everything we have learned and believed in throughout every incarnation must change in order to provide a cleared platform. Everything has to be rebuilt, reprogrammed and rebooted to resonate with the entrance into the higher corridors of interdimensional energies.

It began in the Eastern quadrant and the growth of the spiritual awakening was supposed to continue to grow out of all the major religious factors in the East. This was not happening due to the continuation of war in the Eastern regions. The inhabitants in these areas are not able to put their efforts into Spiritual growth when all their energies are for survival against the violence and suffering of war.


For many years the celebration of Spring was called by different names by groups of worshippers like the Druids and others in honor of the Earth Mother. The ceremonies and celebrations were in sync with each ancestral belief system. As technology rises and created the changes within our society, so do did many of the old systems. It is important for us in the Western Quadrant to understand that the changes of the Great Shift must begin with us. This year is an important time line as we walk the path of the Water-Rabbit, a symbol of gentleness, of the harbinger of Spring. Easter celebrations happen as Spring enters the land as a message of potential awakening of the Christ-seed. The flow and currents of awakening Light fractals must flow towards the EAST, to awaken the great SUN of Life. As each one of us begins to detach and heal our karmic wounds of suffering by forgiving ourselves and others we create more light fractals within that will increase the Light of the Creator. As we learn to love ourself with the understanding that it is not an act of selfishness, we awaken the SUN of Life in our hearts. We have earned the right now to harvest the WISDOM of our past and like the rising SUN in the EAST.

The SUN will always burn the mists and the dark clouds away. It will rise each morning to relieve the dark night from its vigil.

It is a choice that each and everyone of us, as human Earth Residents to make that choice, to take that first step out of the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, to ignite the Light of Love in the Heart.


Let the Sun rise within my East

Let the world begin the feast

Let it all begin within me

Let us turn into a WE





From my heart to yours




Shih Yin

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