Quan Yin, Closing of the year

December 11, 2016
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

    Greetings most beloved Souls who have chosen to enter the game of evolution wearing not only the costume of a human construct but also the blindfold of forgetfulness. You have played this role reincarnation upon reincarnations of human lives choosing different roles and wearing different costumes each time. We the ascended Masters who have chosen to stay within the Earth’s realms because of our love for you have watched with bated breath as you navigated your way through challenging obstacles you have created for yourselves. With awe and wonder we witnessed your strength of commitment and efforts that culminated into the explosion of the Harmonic Convergence. You have mastered the hurdles of the human evolutionary pathways and are now on your way to bravely face the next set of challenges into the higher and faster currents of transformation.

 From the awakening human year of 1987 to the crumbling of the major walls of spiritual amnesia of 2012 you have continued to take that incredible step with courage. We as the witnesses and guides have applauded you at every stage you have reached. This year was another strong challenge for you and you have again successfully breached the stormy borders of your 3D/Duality reality. This  year was the dismantling of the old structures of Ego-based controlling dominance through FEAR. The strong pounding of the crumbling stones of the prison walls of the old belief systems of society have taken a toll and many of you felt the bruising and painful wounds within your mental and emotional bodies. The tsunami waves of FEAR crashed over every part of the world opening the floodgates to gift the rendering of the blindfolds to begin the awakening of the Masses.

The Quan Yin path towards ascension is one of the most challenging crossroads to choose from. It is a path for those who are choosing to accelerate their journey into the new energies of awakening, of reclaiming the true-self and of transforming the anchors of the EGO from the 3D harbor to the harbor of the New Earth within the 5 dimensional reality. The end of 2016 is a major sign post that provides the spiritual traveler with a new view of choices of crossroads. One arrow points to one that says, This way to a rest stop. The next one says, This way to face the hurdles of 2017 the easier way. The third one says, This way to step onto the path that is overlit by the Goddess Light. Remember no one will be left behind we are all on the same starship EARTH.

As mentioned before the Goddess path is not the easiest one to choose because the Goddess light is like a blazing, shining sunlight. A bright light that reveals all the shadow corners you have hidden and have forgotten or tried to forget. The dismantling and demolition of the main pillars of darkness has been completed based on the human choice. The coming year presented to every human-Soul to make that final preparation for the great Shift of Consciousness. Imagine preparing for a long journey towards a new planet, a new Earth where humans can build a new home on a higher level of Consciousness that is based on DIVINE LOVE. Some may attempt to gather the crumbling stones of the old world and will try to hang on to the physical-emotional-mental-spiritual (PEMS) baggage we recognized as congestions of heavy shadows of the EGO.

Where you the human-Souls are going no speck of contaminants can be carried. The New World resides within a quantum field of Love energies and no dark particle of non-divine-love light can exist. The heavy, dark particles that have been flowing within the 3D-Ego based realities are looked upon as a virus in a computer system. A fifth dimensional ‘computer’ system pulses and runs only on the love-light currents. A speck of ‘dust’ of the 3D computer file will cause the new computer to crash immediately and will have to be rebuilt all over again with meticulous care which takes more human time. Next year is the year where you as humans are given the time-line to gather all the new components to build the new computer that is capable to process more knowledge and wisdom at the quantum level.

 You will be inundated with changes no matter which arrow on the sign post you choose. It is all based on FREE WILL which is the greatest gift that has been bestowed on the human as a powerful tool to navigate the human journey. The changes are often beyond human comprehension however although not easier it will bring more clarity for those choosing the higher road. The SELF is the computer module and Next year is the year where the new components are made available for those who seek it. The whole focus is on the SELF upgrade program. Within the higher understandings you are aware that all the computers are linked to the main mother computer that is anchored within the higher Consciousness. The mother computer has allowed the infections, the viruses to exist within a containment field. She has agreed to do this with the greater understanding that it provides a learning situation for all the human technicians. The time had now come to use the wisdom and the knowledge gained through the ages to begin the recalibration, the restructuring of a whole new system that will operate within a quantum field powered by the energy of LOVE-LIGHT.

 Many helpers have been awakened as human teachers, guides and even aspects of the Ascended masters and many more will come forth. Once again you have the free choice to choose the ones you resonate with. We encourage you to choose with your heart for the heart is now the center of all things. You cannot make a mistake even if you tried for we honor every choice and consider every one the right one for you.

 As mentioned before many angelic guides are now available for every path when requested. On the other hand, we, the Goddesses overlit by the Goddess Quan Yin offer our full cooperation and assistance for anyone who request to walk the Goddess path. We do not interfere with every decision and choice you make. Our job is to support, guide and cheer you on with our LOVE. The journey, the tribulations and the testing grounds are all yours to experience. As you mature into the spiritual adulthood so do the fruits of your labour. Now it is the time to harvest each mature fruit of wisdom.

To help you further we have awakened the aspects of the Goddess and other Masters who now walk among you in human form. They do not carry the energies of the GURU, for if they do, know that they are not part of our team. Yes there will be others for they provide the guidance for those who are resonating with the GURU frequencies. There is a guide, teacher or guru for every choice made. No one who asks will be denied a guide.

 As each human-computer begins to recalibrate and restructure its components it will generate more light particles. The components are no other than the awareness of the SELF-LOVE. As each re-booted computer begins to pulse with more and more light it becomes a string of light bulbs that eventually will circle the world. Each lit computer will ignite the next one and the next one and thus the shadows that have shrouded this Earth-school are shredded and the Earth-Mother can show her true beauty once again. It will become a blazing blue beacon for all in the Universe to see.

 We are joyful and surround you with our deepest gratitude and love as you face the grand opening of a very exciting human Year to come.


This  is a year of reflection, a year of choice

A year of opportunity for forgiveness to voice


A year for Self-Love to multiply and grow

A year to detach from everything you know


A year to heal, to seek, to learn and to walk

A year to find and quieten the Ego’s noisy talk


A year to cleanse the debris of destruction

A year to begin the new construction


A year to bathe in the hall of Stillness

A year to choose to wear the cloak of happiness


A year to harvest every fruit of maturity

A year to grow into respectful seniority


A year to accept that everyone and everything is WELL

A year to hear the joyful ringing of the awakening bell..

Shih Yin

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Quan Yin, Closing of the year

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