Quan Yin September

September 15, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin


The August eclipse was a very significant happening as it followed the opening of the Lion’s gate. The eclipse was a strong message of the POINT of NO RETURN for the Human evolutionary process of transformation. The Sun is an interdimensional gate and this portal exploded with the eclipse phenomena. It provided the rift in the dimensional veils to allow greater and more powerful flow of magnetic energies to be sent towards the Earth plane. Coming through the SUN-gate these waves are based on the frequencies of the Etheric-Fire-vibration and it will assist with the alchemy of purification. In other words it is the time of the Phoenix. As to the legend, the Phoenix must succumb to be completely burned to ashes by fire before it can resurrect and re-birth itself into a new body. We, residents of 3D Earth are given the opportunity to go through this process as well based on Free Will. The door is open for the purification phase of the Phoenix if you so choose.


September carries the energy of the number 9, that of completion. When we choose to allow the etheric fires to burn everything we do not need any longer into ashes we proclaim our readiness by completing the ritual of purification. We agree to complete the life-cycle of the old phoenix by terminating the old, heavy and tired auric body. From the ashes a new life-form can now rise into the higher realms of Consciousness.


September is the time of the Goddess, the Venus energy gate. The flow of the Divine Feminine Goddess was needed to countermand the heavy, warrior Male energies that have flooded the Earth realms for eons of time. Since the Harmonic Convergence Mass agreement the Divine Feminine voice has been awakened and began the process of seeping into the Mass male energy currents. The balance of the scale of Male and Female frequencies required for the Great Shift to occur is about to be completed with the increased flow of Goddess energies of Love, tolerance, nurturing, integrity, respect and Divine Compassion.


This September month of 2017 will be, is, the relay runner that will pick up the torch of the August Lion and the Sun-gate-eclipse. It is the start of the sprint towards the final choice of which Greenhouse–holodeck to enter. September carries the Fire of the Phoenix for anyone who makes the choice to enter the acceleration process of alchemy that is required to reach the higher levels. Many may begin to feel the heat of the phoenix in their body and might think of it as hot-flashes. The best thing to do is to accept the phoenix with understanding and wisdom. Trying to oppose it or fight against it will only prolong the process and might cause damage to the system. To assist us in this process the Goddesses under the guidance of Quan Yin, who is the gate-keeper, have begun to reconfigure themselves into triads of feminine energy. They are ready for action but cannot enter unless called and requested by the Human-Soul-symbiont. They continue with what was begun in August and bring the potential of balancing the Yin-Yang energy scales.


The Heart of the eternal Mother Divine Goddess is beating very strong and is sending out the call to all hearts to join the cadence of her drum-heart-beat. The Heart has been the receptacle of the Christ-seed-of-Light and it is time to nurture it into new growth. Each Human Heart that chooses to match its pulse to the Divine-Mother’s beat is like a pulsing diamond bead. The new Unified  Heart beat is the one that pulses out the Light-codes, the keys to unlock the hidden dimensional compartments. Opening the locks allows the magnetic currents to intensify and flow throughout the body layers. Together we can choose to begin to create the diamond necklace that can be strung across the globe. The light that will be reflected of each diamond facet is like a beacon of hope, a beacon that promises safe harbor and a new beginning towards Global peace. “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.”


As noted earlier the heart center is where complete balance of the male and female energies is achieved. This balance is the required field upon which the new structure can be built. The new phoenix can only rise when the ashes of its old self have been trance-morphed into a balanced matrix of creation. The diamond particles that emerge from the ashes are the Light-codes and they open the gates of alchemy towards transformation into a new matrix of Being.

Will you choose to allow the old Phoenix to burn

Will you gather the ashes at every turn

Will you welcome the fire of purification

Will you birth the new Phoenix manifestation

Shih Yin


This year brings hard-work especially for the Spiritual Tiger. If not grounded and committed to the work it will encounter turbulence on its path.

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