The Currents of Evolution

November 17, 2016
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

Again we stress the fact that every Earth change will affect the human structure and every change within the human will affect the Earth’s Matrix. The major change within the human is to raise the frequencies of the lower bodies into the heart center. The Earth changes manifest in the increase of solar flares and bombardment of the electromagnetic fields of the Earth as the Earth breaks through the inter-dimensional barriers. These massive waves of reconfigurations of the magnetic fields will cause many to experience a variety of problems such as problems with the eyes, sinuses, breathing, digestion, vertigo, and frequent nightmares.

When we broadcast our flow of thought patterns through the fifth gate, which is the throat, we influence and affect the matrix of our reality of existence. Thus, when we begin to change and broadcast at a higher frequency with words of light, new filaments are created and connected with the heart center. However, when a stream of thought patterns flow through the mental and emotional bodies, it can sometimes be severed by a strong emotional burst. For example, a thought of “How wonderful that person looks.” This strand begins to flow into the throat as a filament of light and, if unobstructed, continues to drop gently into the sacred heart chamber and into the center void of creation. However, there is another thought pattern of “I wish it was me. Why can’t I look like that? Why are people not saying that to me?” This pattern is like a sharp shadow chard, and it will sever the light filament before it can enter the heart core. Any shadow thought or emotional pattern will immediately negate and erase the flow of the light filament, leaving only the shadow strand circling the throat center.

There is something called “astral gravity,” and it pulls in any heavy frequencies where it remains stuck within the mental and emotional bodies until it is unwound and released. The “astral waters” that create this gravity energy can become stagnant when thoughts, old belief systems, and emotional patterns do not support your spiritual destiny.

The All That Is, the Alpha and the Omega, the Divine Creator of the ultimate reality of being, continually seeks to restore, create, and build through us. It is infinite, eternal, unending and grants us the gift of Divine Grace to help us manifest every possibility of creative intent. Sound vibrations are the carriers of one of the highest frequencies of potentiality, for it began when a thought-form of the All That Is spoke, “Let there be light.”

When we voice and broadcast our doubts and sense of unworthiness, we wrap ourselves in the false notion of self and deny our true heritage of the Divine Light Being that we are. By entering and enveloping our awareness with the cloak of the silence of listening, we give permission to accept this Divine Intelligence part of the self. The Dalai Lama once said, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But when you listen, you may learn something new.”

There are crystals in our ears, and when activated with intent, they form the key points for transmitting and grounding new thought-forms in the mental-thought body. These crystals are part of the golden spiral within the ear. With the rise of consciousness, these “hearing” crystals become active transmitters and can be connected to our “broadcasting” station (the throat).

Every thought-form, whether it is voiced or not, is an energetic filament that is broadcasted into the universe, causing a flow of constant change. Like our radio waves, it floats in the air, unseen and unheard, by the human structure until it is channeled through receivers or transformers such as phones, radios, TVs, and computers. All this technology is run through silicon crystal chips. With the rise of consciousness, the crystals within the ear canal will also go through a transmutation, an upgrade that may result in the increased ability for us to “hear” higher sound emissions from all around us. For instance, we may be able to hear the frequency of a dog whistle or even begin to hear the dimensional sounds of other realities around us, such as the Devic or Fairy kingdoms. There are many channels to choose from, just like a radio or TV station, and that is where we are faced with the choice of the many crossroads.

The energies of the crystals found on earth have changed their frequency and function into that of amplifiers. They will amplify any energy that we choose to surround ourselves with. Heavy, dark thought patterns will be amplified and become more intense when they are projected out of the fifth gate (throat). It will float in the airways and can be picked up by any “receiver” that matches its frequency. On the other side of the coin, filaments of light thoughts and voice will also be amplified in the same manner. The strength of the broadcast is based on your frequency.

When we put multiple crystals on our body, they become a multiple amplification of our mental/emotional thought patterns and, thus, not only affect us but also anyone who matches the same frequency of chaotic transmissions. Grounding becomes almost impossible at this point, and our sense of being a lighthouse is tilting because of the bombardment of the chaotic pull of different vibrations.

For a ship, plane, or starship to be able to function well, communication between all departments is essential. The command center of a ship, often called the “bridge,” demands clear information to be able to make sure that everything is functioning well to ensure a safe voyage. Every piece of equipment in the control room is powered by a crystal chip, just like the chip in our TV or cell phone set. In the same vein, we know that our command center is the heart. However, when we allow fear to influence our thought emotional/mental patterns, we contaminate the flow of communication. Fear is the main pollutant, such as drama, and it creates the illusion of lack, the illusion of impossibility, and the illusion that violence is the only answer. Fear is the persuasive strand that often tells us that more is better, as in more crystals give more protection or more material wealth is a sign of power and secures a place upon society’s pedestal of importance.

Every Valentine’s Day, the North American Mass Consciousness turns its focus on the perception of love. It creates a current when many minds enter this stream even though many do not fully understand the Divine Love frequency; it is a step toward bringing it into the emotional body. This year’s focus is even more important, for it is the part of the three-year preparation period toward the next phase of “transmorphation” of the human realities. All energetic centers within the Earth’s realms are in the process of change and transformation.

At this point, the North American continent is the main broadcasting station, the fifth gate, the voice that will manifest the choices of the masses. Each individual voice is an important particle of the energetic current of transformation toward a higher consciousness. We are all passengers of the same starship, Earth. The question for all of us who have scripted our destiny to inhabit this reality at this point in time must therefore be “How and what will I voice to turn the tide? Do I really mean it with all my heart when I say ‘I Love you’?”

Shih Yin

Who is Quan Yin?

Quan Yin is known as the Goddess of Grace and Compassion which means that assistance is given by love not by acquired merit.

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