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July 15, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin


July carries the energy of the numerical value of 7. It is a very unusual number for it stands in the mid-point of the energy scale. Numbers 1 to 6 on the number line are on one side and the sacred numbers of 8 to 13 (6 numbers) are on the other side of the 7. Some theories look upon the 7 as a message of Spiritual awakening. And for others the 7 is the energy of non-acceptance of traditional belief systems and the time for the Seeker of knowledge to break through the prison bars of Duality. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance it is the illusion of knowledge.” (Stephen Hawking) The human Ego often thinks and assumes to have the knowledge and have all the facts to make major decisions without allowing for more input.

The following messages are not to induce FEAR and Panic but to provide more information and create more understanding and acceptance of the process of Evolution that we have all agreed to. 7 is also an energy that is strongly connected to the Earth elements and in this 7th month the changes will manifest in a many different forms within our physical reality. Energized by the energy of the Great Shift its influence is felt throughout the earth’s mantle. Gaia, the Earth Mother, has begun her birthing labour and all 4 elements are responding to her contractions. These manifest in our changing weather patterns all over the world. Massive Earth changes that Gaia has already implemented are now more visual to the naked human sight. The scales of evolution are at mid-point and cannot be denied any longer. It might not be happening in your neighborhood but know that it is occurring somewhere on and inside the Earth.

The earth surface is trembling and shaking as Earth-quakes rumble in many areas changing the structure of the Global surface. The earth-element as in soil composition is undergoing unusual restructuring and is affecting the fauna and flora growth upon the earth’s mantle. The water element evokes more rain storms to flood areas that have not experienced this amount of deluge of water for a long time. The Mother’s birthing waters are proclaiming the long awaited birth of a new Earth. She is cleaning and flushing out the heavy congestion of the lower frequencies of all the elements.

It was predicted that Eco-systems are being redirected and desert areas will begin to bloom again as the Shift continues on its present track. The air elements are empowering wind storms that scour the earth’s surface rearranging more land masses and causing massive waves on the ocean’s surface. The fire element makes itself known as the power of erupting volcanoes and extreme rising temperatures that eventually will create new dessert lands. Increasing forest fires are more signs of the changing topography of the Earth’s mantle and it is affecting the Eco-systems in the areas.

For the Spiritually aware human it is a message of confirmation and a message to pay attention and become more mindful. We are part of the Earth and thus anything that is happening in and on her is also happening within our bodies. The Earth-element in the food we ingest has a heavy influence in our physical body and can create discomfort as in unusual allergies and skin eruptions. The water-element is the emotional/mental current and in our biology it brings out hidden emotions when fueled by Fear. When heavy thought patterns flood the system it has the potential to flow into depression, anxiety and fear based choices. The air-element is the breath we need to live. Anger and fear affects the flow of oxygen in the brain causing a type of windstorm that affects the brain. Discomfort and illnesses as a result of lack of oxygen flow manifest as cold symptoms, lung ailments, heart diseases and throat/ear infections. The fire-element keeps the body temperature at an even keel but when disrupted by intense emotions it becomes erratic affecting the brain wave patterns and the heartbeat. Emotions and thought patterns are greatly influenced by the media broadcasts as our technology allows news to be heard and seen almost instantly across the globe. Free-Will gives us the power of choice whether we respond in anger and fear or in the wisdom of silence and compassion.

Global warming is only part of what the Shift is all about. It is helpful to be more mindful to the problem of pollution and it definitely will help the Earth when we become more responsible. We need to become aware that as the polar ice-cap continues to melt, it lowers the temperatures of the ocean waters. Our world is more ocean than land mass thus often referred to as the Blue-Planet. The colder temperatures of the oceans are part of the changing weather patterns and this will increase the shifting of all the 4 elements. It becomes a viscous cycle of cause and effect. The increasing global warming scenario will melt both the ice-caps on the poles. The cold temperatures of the ice lower the temperature of the oceans causing the wind currents to respond. The lowering temperature of the major Gulf-stream currents will begin to lower the global temperature thus plunging the whole world in a kind of mini ice-age within the next decades.

Walking into panic and fear mode is not the answer for survival. As mentioned above this month is the mid-point, it is the time of extreme choice. Our biological body is a cell, a molecule of the Earth for from dust to dust do we exist. Our energetic pattern is linked to the Earth’s body and whatever happens to our body happens to her and vice versa.

It is time for the Spiritual Seeker to walk the Earth paths of healing. The Conscious High Mind of the Seeker understands that the Soul is eternal and that survival is only in play for the biology. It is time to make the choice of awakening to the awareness of our total connection to the Earth and to our agreement to ascend with her. It is time to break the mold of the old paradigms of belief systems, habits and social restrictions of ancestral customs that can no longer exist within the higher vibrations of Consciousness.

Within the boundaries of 3D Duality we as humans exist as electrical beings with the Mind within the Mental-Body as the control panel. Within this reality humans have made their choices with the electrical flow of the Mind. The heart on the other hand functions on magnetic energy. Magnetic energy vibrates on a higher frequency for it is the frequency of the energy of LOVE. Within the higher pulses of Consciousness only Divine Unconditional Love frequency can exist. To start the process of shifting from an electrical system to a magnetic flow, the Earth’s magnetic poles have already been moving to their new coordinates. As it is happening upon the Earth so it must happen within the human structure as well. To enter the New Earth we need to function from the magnetic structure of the heart that is the control centre of the energy of Divine Love. We have hidden it for a long time because of the Soul’s desire to experience the structure of heavy emotions and thought patterns. Thus to gain entry into the levels of higher Consciousness everything has to be rerouted through the Heart center by increasing the Magnetic attributes within the body. As we make the choice to begin to heal all the 4 layers in our body through the Heart, the vibrational healing will ripple out into the Earth. It will not stop the process of change but if there is enough of us to make this choice of Heart-centered self-healing, the cumulative LOVE energy will temper the stormy cycles. LOVE is the only thing that matters. Let it begin with us. Are you ready to tip the scale of evolution?

Are you ready to think from the Heart with LOVE?

Are you ready to speak from the Heart with LOVE?

Are you ready to act from the Heart with LOVE?

Are you ready to choose to WALK and LIVE in LOVE?

Shih Yin

Quan Yin July Blog

  July carries the energy of the numerical value of 7. It is a very unusual number for it stands in the mid-point of the

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