Quan Yin August

August 15, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin


The 8th day in August which is the 8th month signifies the energies of the ‘Lion’s Gate’. The shape of the 8 represents the infinity symbol of the First Creation and it is now time to enter the birth of the Second Creation through the Heart core. This year is one of the most significant years in the history of human evolution. The ‘Lion energy’ carries the purifying flames and it has increased its intensity as we approach this gate. According to ancient Chinese myths, the Lion heralds the entrance of the Dragon that carries the breath of Fire that can burn and transmute heavy energy. During a Chinese Dragon dance the Lion dances before the dragon opening and clearing the way. This August-Lion energy heralds the manifestation of the potential of Mass Ascension that was begun with the agreement of the Harmonic Convergence. The Planet Earth has begun its transformation and Gaia’s Sacred Body will be revealed as it moves into a New Unified field of Consciousness. This portal of Light has been monitored and guarded by great Beings of Light known by some as the Lions of the Time-Line. Nothing can be hidden any longer within this explosive, blazing Light of consciousness. The process of the ‘Sorting Hat’ has begun or as others call it the ‘Time-line Split’ is upon us.


The Solar Eclipse and the Full Moon occurrences are energy bridges towards the New Frequencies. This intense Energy of Love/Light radiates, creating a sacred bridging space for those who have made the choice and are ready to step onto the next level. The waves of this high frequency of Light contain the new Light-codes of the Second Creation. These Light-codes are in the form of Diamond Crystal particles and contain the templates for the new Blueprints for those ready to receive it. It is the password to enter the higher spiral of the stairwell of Evolution into the higher realms of existence. When the path is chosen it enhances the grounding magnetic currents and affects the electromagnetic field of the biological body.


This is a great opportunity to release heavier, dark emotional patterns held in the Heart core such as fear, guilt and shame. When purified and released the new energetic codes can enter and provide a fertile field for those ready to surrender and merge with the Resident-Soul-Partner. This month holds a very strong support for Group work for a united group energy has the potential of enhancing the growth of the new Light-body structure of the members. It creates a connecting strand to the Mass Unified Field of Consciousness that is woven into the matrix of the Sacred Planet. When a group collectively unites in harmony it ignites a very strong supportive energy of enlightenment. When every member sings in harmony with each other the song of this choir is broadcasted throughout the Universe igniting the Love fractals everywhere.


The Lion`s Gate is also an intense portal for the Divine Feminine to enter. The Goddess energies during this month are reaching a high accelerated stream. Those who are ready and choosing to walk with the Goddess in a state of balance will experience a heightened energy of creativity and compassion. The Right hemisphere of the Brain becomes more active for the essence of the unified field of Creation is expressed through the energies of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine Mother Energy has prepared her sacred womb and invites those who are ready to enter the gestation of the New Divine Human. Within the womb the energy of the Yang (male warrior)

is given the opportunity to be tempered and healed through the Yin (nurturing female) energies to create the balance necessary for the new Human construct.


The Goddess Quan Yin who is involved with the opening of the sacred portals is sending us a message of Divine Grace and Love. She is encouraging and supporting those who walk the path of evolution to become brighter Lighthouses and thus step into the roles of Masters of Divine Light. During the previous month of July the Divine Mother`s sacred womb was being prepared for our gestation place of stillness as we enter the alchemy of Chrysalis. The entry code is the choice of releasing and detaching from the anchoring chains of the Ego persona that still embraces Duality. The Goddess has awakened and sent her many aspects both in human form and in Spirit form to assist anyone who put in a request for her special attention.

During these intense times of awakening linear-time-lines are slowly being reprogrammed to meet the requirements of the higher frequencies. Within the higher hierarchy linear time does not exist and our new structures will have to be prepared for the existence within the bridging quantum-time-field. Within this intense reconstruction time-period our Soul contracts are being rewritten with new agreements between the Soul-symbiotic partnerships. This special August-Lion is preparing the field for the completion of the energetic circuitry within the Matrix of ascension of the Month of September.


Are you ready to hear the Lion’s roar?

Are you ready to step unto the Dragon’s shore?

Are you ready to state your choice to the Sorting Hat?

Are you ready to sit with the Soul-partner on the magnetic mat?

Shih Yin

The Currents of Evolution

Again we stress the fact that every Earth change will affect the human structure and every change within the human will affect the Earth’s Matrix.

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