Quan Yin October

October 15, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

We have gone through some intense energy waves and there is no let up. The Energetic ‘storms’ are upon us and will continue its momentum until the end of the Rooster Year.

October brings in the energy of the number 1, the numerical energy of the beginning of a new cycle. This time it portends the beginning or the final spiral that will propel us into the current of evolution. The intensity of the eclipse is creating aftershocks that continue to create a momentum that forms a kind of trajectory towards our final journey.

For those who have chosen to enter the alchemy of the Phoenix the purification process continues as the phoenix burns into ashes. Gaia has already entered this phase and the burning fires will continue to release the heavy congestion from her surface. As we allow the phoenix to help us burn away the old patterns within ourselves our connection to the Earth Mother is further strengthened. What happens upon her is also happening within us and vice versa.

The ashes are gathered and collected by the element of air as the wind blows across the earth’s mantle. As we know, ashes are part of the alchemy to make soap, as in a cleansing agent when mixed with water that we use every day. So too can we gather the ashes within us and create a cleansing agent that can launder all our soiled ‘clothing and dirty dishes.’

The solar flares are part of the sequence of energetic pulses that are pushing all the heavy energies towards the process of transformation. We are in the middle of a rebooting and re-calibration session of all our wiring systems just like updating a computer. The falling Fall leaves are a reminder of the releasing of the old growth in preparation of the cleansing fall rain followed by the Winter snows. Trees that try to hang on to their old dry leaves will only have problems in the Spring when the new buds try to grow and are blocked by the old stems. In the same way we are stepping in the Autumn energies that are helping us release all the old emotional luggage we have carried. This is the time to rake the leaves and burn them into ashes that can become fertilizer or pile them up as compost for new growth. All we have to remember is that each leave carries the experiences we had throughout the year. We can joyfully jump in the pile and celebrate the wisdom we have gained or grumble with anger and resentment at the work of raking we must do. The Biological-Tree-of-Life is facing this special season to release its old leaves that carry the heavy files of dark emotions. Each leaf carries the experiences we had throughout the year. The Biological-Tree-of-Life is facing this special season to release its old leaves that carry the heavy files of dark emotions. Until this tree is bare the new Divine-Tree-of-Life cannot grow its shining new shoot.

All four elements are in high gear to help the Earth shed her old garments and it is also happening within our bodies with cold symptoms and other aching sensations. The intensity of the storm cycles that are now roaming across the globe are nature’s way to reach the deeper congestions on the Earth’s mantle. Think of it as a stronger cleaning cycle in a washing machine that has to clean heavier dirt and stained clothing. The pulsing cycle needs to create a more intense tornado like funnel with a stronger ‘tail’ that can pull more things out. Imagine the shaking and the rumbling that the washing machine is producing as it is reaching its fastest spin cycle.

The question is, are we brave enough and courageous enough to allow the ‘tail’ to reach that deeper part of ourselves? Are we ready to face the beginning of this new ‘washing’ cycle?

Shih Yin

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