The Valentine Phenomena

February 4, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

We are entering the 2nd month of the Fire Rooster’s dominance within the barn yard and stepping into the frequencies of human interpretations of LOVE. Valentine’s Day was a creation of the collective Mass consciousness of Western Society based on the energies of materialism. After the Second World War the Mass consciousness decided to step into the realms of materialistic endeavours and would use anything for the sake of material gains. The Hollywood version of Love became a very profitable market and was part of the flood waters of the focus on material wealth.

The Fire Rooster’s job within this era of human evolution is to bring attention to the possibilities of Self-Love within the Mass consciousness. We are all minute particles of human consciousness contained within the Mass currents of change. Each human persona being the particle has the gift of FREE WILL to make the choice of which layer of Love to embrace within this human life time of turmoil and transformation.

The Soul-Partner exists completely within Divine Love frequency. It descended into the 3D Duality earth realms to learn and experience the heavier strands of the illusions of human interpretations of Love. The human ideal of Love is based on a conditional platform. The Soul’s assignment is to rise above the conditional anchors and begin the evolutionary process towards unconditional Love attributes. It is the harvesting of the process of evolution of transmorphing the heavy, dark raw emotions into the higher vibrations of Consciousness of Divine Love frequencies. The KEY to open the treasury of Divine Love is the choice to initiate the growth of SELF-LOVE. This requires a choice of commitment towards the understanding and clarity of Self-love. Up to this point we as Spiritual children have been playing with bits and pieces of candy-Valentine hearts. Many of us have not yet seen or discovered the big heart that represents the Divine Universal Love that resides within our Soul-partner.

The Fire Rooster brings in a F.I.R.M (Forgiveness, Integrity, Responsibility, Maturity) message for us as it stands with vigilance before us. It is a strong FIRM message that there are no more compromises and no more acts of procrastination available. The tsunami that is called “Trump” is here and the only antidote for this virus is SELF-LOVE. He brings FEAR to a new level for Fear is nothing more than the absence of Divine LOVE.

Without accepting the concept of Self-Love the concept of Divine Love becomes an elusive strand that is forever dancing out of our grasp. The idea of only showing love during the Valentine month is again part of the little pieces of chocolate hearts and colourful cards that we send out during this month. The collective attention and intend created this month is still valuable as a golden strand to be dropped within the dark hole of Fear. However it is only a very thin beam and soon absorbed completely within the dark currents of fear. The energies of Love are fibrotic light filaments of pure Divine Love and flow throughout one’s life time, available not only for one month.

The questions many of us will face this month are: How will I react to the disturbing news of darkness, pain, and suffering that are boiling all around me? What kind of LOVE will I embrace within my mental, emotional and spiritual self? Is it showing love for humanity when I jump into the fray and put all my energies into joining the Mass movement against this dark tide? Will I only send messages of love during this Valentine month as it has been done during this life time?

The great gift that Trump is providing us this month is the opportunity to examine our deeper shadow layers and to find out where the energy of Divine Love is that we have been hiding in our hearts and mind. The fire of the Rooster can provide the flashlight to help us ‘see’ through the darkness when we choose to have a F.I.R.M intend to find that Love seed of Light. To choose to start to increase our overflow of Self-Love once we find it.When you claim that your actions are based on love without understanding what Divine Love is, it becomes an emotion wrapped in empty flattery and self-deception created with the help of the ego-mind. If you cannot accept yourself with all the dark shadow layers, the self without the entire pretentious persona, how can you claim to love anyone let alone the self? Claiming to love others by claiming actions based on an overflow of self-love magnifies the waves of control-ego issues creating a stormy cycle of heavy emotions. These fear based emotions easily enter the Mass flow of disillusionment, anger and may create another dark storm around the globe. Keep in mind that we are all connected; we are all passengers of Star-ship Earth.

The temptation to join in the crowd/mass mentality is heightened this month. For here is when the notion of human perceptions of Love begins to clash with the FIRM message of the Rooster to turn the ‘Other cheek’ and choose the path of Self-Love. Self-Love requires balance. Balance can only be achieved through the merging of the maturity of choice of the Mind and the Heart. Balance is necessary to enter Unity Consciousness with the merge of the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. The Male-warrior-ego-mind needs to accept and blend with the Female-forgiving-nurturing-mind and vice-versa. When both finally intertwine and merge into one strand to form the Heart Mind it activates the flow of balance. The Heart Mind is the spring from which flows the comprehension and clarity of Self-Love. The Heart-Mind is the only one able to fill itself with the filaments of unconditional Divine Love frequencies without interference of the Ego-warrior Mind.



Self-Love is not something you can buy

It does not work when your truth you deny

It is not about childish selfishness

It is not about glamourous showiness


It is only your magnificence you fear

It is only the disharmony you hear

Remember the loving touches you felt

Remember the loving presence when you knelt


Self-Love is an extraordinary thing

It happens when your heart begins to sing

It happens when you radiate with Light

For the Love inside you is burning bright


You filled your cup to overflowing

With the essence of love as a showing

It ripples, it pulses, it radiates out and out

The overflow is a gift you gladly spread about


Self-Love does not mean isolation

It does not mean an act of separation

Instead it overflows with loving kindness

Interwoven with threads of thankfulness


Within this sparkling inner light

Ego loses its controlling might

Pure Self-love around you gently flows

Creating a sanctuary that glows and glows.


As with love I fill myself so can you

Our ripples may just provide the clue

To the one who is the seeker true

Who might choose to fill a loving cup too.


Will you join me and fill your cup?

Will you activate your automatic fill-up?

Will you saturate yourself with the love within?

Will you raise your eyes to see it all begin?

Shih Yin

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