Quan Yin November

November 15, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

The energies of the solar Eclipse of August continue to influence the currents of change across the globe. The purification powers of the phoenix are available to any who wish to embark on the road of the Great shift in Consciousness for the next three years.


The month of November carries the numerical energies of the powerful number of the 11. It is the message of the twin towers of duality. It is the call of the 11th hour, the call of the great Station Master with the booming voice that calls:‘All Aboard’!!! It is the Month where the veils between the worlds of Matter and of Spirit are very thin and much more fragile.

The painful storm of the 911 occurrence is still very much within Mass memory and many minds are still battling with the unanswered questions. World excessive materialistic economic control dominance of the masses is the core of Duality and with the Harmonic agreement it was the first to collapse. Within the Spiritual Mass Mind it has been recognized as the precursor of the potential fall of Duality. This 11th Month of 2017 the message has reached more clarity for those who have chosen to join the first wave of transition into the higher levels of consciousness.

The end of October celebrates the ancient rituals of Samhain also recognized as the Day of the Dead, All Saint’s Day and Halloween night when spirits roam the earth. Through the ages these special thinning of the veils have given us the opportunity to release the old, stagnant energy and to open the potential towards rebirth. After 2012 this awareness is even more important as we move towards a rebirth into higher consciousness.

The choice is upon us to release the twin towers of duality or to continue to play the 3D game within the human play-board. Everything has been readied for us and the massive doors of Star-Mother-Ship-Earth are slowly closing in readiness for take-off. To the human perception this is happening in linear time and thus it may seem as if these huge gates are moving very slowly. Imagine a Noah’s Arc ship the size of planet Earth and the doors that need to be closed.

The etheric clock is ticking

All the Soul partners are waiting for us to make that final choice so that we can board the vehicle of transition and take our seats. Sitting on the fence is not acceptable any longer by the higher counsel of Souls. If the Human partner is still undecided by the end of 2017 then the Soul partner will finalize the choice and it becomes a default issue. No-choice is considered a choice then.

Etheric Earth has already entered the interdimensional highways and it is now time for the other earth bodies to join the journey. We, the humans, have earned the right to join the Earth Mother in this transition into the Higher Realms of Consciousness. Again we have a choice during the journey; we can program our own reality within the Holodeck of choice. We can continue to experience Duality within 3D Earth program or we can access the new advanced computer programming that allows us to grow in consciousness.

No matter the choice, we, citizens of Earth are moving with her, lock, stock and barrel.


An Earth-angel named Charlie Fenimore has this message for all of us

“This is the time for living truthness and Love in our smiling souls for Heaven’s hopeful Light.”


The Fire Rooster has begun to voice its final crow to humanity: “Time to choose to wake up or continue to slumber for my voice to herald the dawn of all ages is about to enter the silence of the Mind.”

What will your choice be

What do you wish to see

To slumber or to wake

The seat is for you to take

Shih Yin

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