The Explosive Entrance To 2017 (Expanded Edition)

January 28, 2017
Shih Yin

Shih Yin


The last remnants of 2016 are slowly phasing out. The intense swing of the Monkey’s roller coaster ride is finally winding down. On January 28, 2017 the Rooster raises its first crow to herald the beginning of a new era. 2017 brings in the energy of 1, signifying the beginning of the potential towards the growth of new things. The separation from the old, crumbling debris of centuries of Ego-based control issues has begun.


According to ancient Chinese customs, the start of a new year is an opportunity to clean one’s house, to pay off old debts and to begin a clear slate once again. This year is presenting a very strong message through the energies of the Fire Rooster. The Rooster is a highly focused energy of alertness and will take immediate action when necessary. It stands proudly on top of a high position where it can have a clear view of things. It likes order in its environment and is prepared to fix things or come to the rescue when things are not to its liking. It still carries the tools of the warrior guard and is prepared to use it when the need arises. However it is not to be used for harm but instead the Fire Rooster’s main job this year is to awaken everyone from their slumber and it takes its job very seriously.


 Its loud and persistent crow is an alarm clock to awaken the sleepers who have burrowed themselves in the Ego’s blanket of glamour, arrogance and stubborn denial. The Rooster’s call is a cry to herald a chance to rectify and change from the tired looking world to a new and fresh painted Earth. Its distinctive voice cannot be silenced this year and will reverberate throughout the World. Its message is very clear. Procrastination’s and the choice of a middle road are no longer acceptable as an excuse for extensions towards the entry into the changing evolutionary currents of Consciousness. It calls for clear intentions, loyalty, high values and complete commitment to every choice made based on Free Will. This means that things will not flow as easily and meet human expectations. There are very strong potentials of unrest and chaos that come with fast and radical changes in the energetic structures. The choices are to ride the waves or to allow the tsunami to overwhelm you with the currents of Fear.


We repeat, each choice is valued and honored.

The Ego anchors know that this is its last chance to persuade as many humans as possible to remain anchored within the holodecks of duality. It is in a survival mode and wishes to maintain its controlling presence in as many decks as possible. It loses its power within the holodecks of higher consciousness and it is only an empty shell in the high vibrational realities of the upper decks of Space-ship Earth. The Spiritual Ego is the strongest will and has intensified its sabotage mode to preserve and secure its position within the human persona. Cleaning house and paying off Spiritual Debts are not on its agenda. It has every intention to mask the Crow’s message with subtleties, arrogance and pride. The biggest and strongest opponent of the Spiritual Ego is the energy of FREE WILL that is run with a powerful fuel called SELF-LOVE.


The Karmic Wheel is no longer in play but karmic debts that have not been payed are still considered active. Spiritual Debts that are accumulated within this life time are under the new page of Cause and Effect. Those not paid in this life time are subjected to a higher interest rate and that rate has just been increased for 2017. The Rooster does not tolerate slackness in payment and its watchful eye does not miss any dark movement on the ground as it stands as a powerful guard on the rooftops of its domain. This Fire Rooster carries the torch of the purifying Fire and is offering it to anyone who chooses to use it as a means of purification and transformation. It represents the demolishing fire of the Phoenix. Only when there are ashes left will the new Phoenix rise.


Throughout the year all four Bodies of the human symbiont are facing multiple challenges. The physical body tend to experience a see-saw wave of exuberant high energy levels then plummet into the throb of exhaustion, fatigue and lethargy. News of illnesses both familiar and unfamiliar ones baffle the medical sector and feed the hungry media. Emotional and Mental bodies are subjected to various temptations. Fear and anger responses are encouraged by the Ego resulting in depression, rage and the loud demonstrations of unhappiness and suffering. Spiritual visages of status and glamour tend to spike as the Ego manifests its control within the Mental and Emotional broadcasting stations.


For those who wish to remain anchored within the Spiritual Child/Teen persona it is a great year. It will discover many opportunities to enjoy its illusionary power and create its favourite niche in the appropriate holodeck. This year provides a fertile ground for Spiritual Guruness, childish tantrums and a show of the utmost spiritual arrogance. For those choosing this route the Ego will make sure that the gates of their chosen holodeck will be closed completely ensuring its complete control power before the year ends.


For those choosing the various spiritual paths of Enlightenment it can be a peaceful journey where nothing needs to be done besides entering the chosen path. For those choosing the more intense path of the Goddess more effort is required from all four body layers. As the Rooster’s voice grows louder and more persistent, the choice of Free Will is a constant challenge. The blazing Light of the Goddess led by Quan Yin cannot be dimmed and it shines brighter and brighter along the narrow pathways. To walk this path requires the maturity and focused mindfulness of Spiritual adulthood. The spiritual adult takes responsibility seriously and makes each choice with full awareness of all consequences and reaches a mature decision for every step on the path.


Free Will dictates that each traveller has the right to turn away at any stage of the path and step into another side-road. The Ego-shadow-self cannot hide from the bright light of the path and might persuade the human to lash out in anger and retaliation towards perceived attacks. Unless the energies of Forgiveness, Integrity, Maturity and Responsibility are put into play with clarity and truth of self, the veils of illusion will hide the main path of acceleration. Once hidden it is very difficult to find the next entrance for the Separation has widened the chasm between the realities.


The human year of 2017 will be known as the year of the last call to board. It is the last chance to upgrade your boarding pass. Time and space are the boundaries that identify the Consciousness anchored in 3D-Duality and it will be available for those who choose that program to continue their journey. For those choosing to upgrade, time as we know it has changed as the acceleration is activated. Linear time does not exist within the higher dimensional realities and we have been given the chance to acclimatize slowly to Quantum time as we step into the fast rolling pace of human evolution. For a while for those who walk this path of morphation it will feel as if you are straddling two realities. No need to despair it is but a period of adjustment.


The Passages between the etheric realities are kept open and available for any seeker and traveller throughout the year. Within the Quantum field all dimensional realities exist simultaneously. Time and space are the veils that define the lower frequencies such as 3D-duality Earth. To allow for optimum choice the veils are stretched to the thinnest curtains possible for the brave seeker. For those choosing to walk the higher pathways, time and space will have a different meaning as it unravels within interdimensionality currents.


Communication between various kingdoms becomes a reality within the resonating continuum. The elemental kingdoms have been waiting for this opportunity to establish a relationship without the jagged edges of FEAR on both sides of the veils. They too wish to transcend into the

levels of higher Consciousness. But in order to do so they need the human agreement for a joint travelling adventure. The elemental kingdoms are part of the earth realms and therefore have the same rights to ascend with the Earth Mother.


Will you heed the voice of the dedicated Rooster?

Will you acknowledge and accept the given booster?


Will you listen to the ringing of the awakening clock?

Will you turn a deaf ear to those who mock?


Will you wear the cloak of the inner stillness of the mind?

Will you share, with those who ask, every precious find?


Will you walk the road of humbleness?

Will you speak the words of thankfulness?


Will you bravely give and ask for forgiveness?

Will you courageously embrace fearlessness?


Will you welcome the fire of the rising sun?

Will you embrace the new dawn that has begun?


Will you see and feel the speed of time?

Will you dance to the ringing of each chime?


The goddess Quan Yin is holding the gates open as wide as she can for all those who wish to enter the new shores of Consciousness. Her Light of truth and Divine Love is steady and unwavering for her love for humanity has been constant throughout the ages. Within her light she sends the message of hope and encouragement.


Shih Yin

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