Quan Yin Magnetic Grounding Sequence with 3 Root Pillars

September 15, 2021
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

Quan Yin Magnetic Grounding Sequence with 3 Root Pillars

Using the breath we breath energy from above in to the Crown down in to the heart on the inhale to activate the heart.

For Women Begin by activating the Heart energy until it feels as if there is a huge ball of Light in the Heart core. Imagine as if you are turning on a light bulb and pushing the dial up to Max. The Heart is the magnetic center and everything has to be re-routed through this center.

Send two beams from the heart into the ovaries then have it flow towards the root making a Y shaped beam. Breathe the stem of the Y down creating a point on the Earth Star below the feet.

Send the next beam through the LEFT side flowing through all the organs on the left down the Left LEG creating another point on the Earth Star.

The 3rd beam goes through the RIGHT side clearing all the organs on that side down the right leg and creating the 3rd point on the Earth Star.

For Men Send the 1st beam straight from the heart through the root down to the Earth Star. The 2nd and 3rd beams are the same as the one for the women.

For Both Connect all three points creating a triangle. Feel it as a magnet. Breathe this magnet down until you feel the connection to the magnetic grid of the Earth’s field. REMEMBER that the magnetic field is all around us, below, above etc. As you breathe the triangular magnet down begin to feel as if there are waves of triangular magnets pulsing from the bottom of your feet creating a magnetic tetrahedron. You can also imagine/feel as if your soles are magnets and they are pulsing down to reach the grid. Imagine wearing magnetic boots.

Breathe back into the heart core of Light Send 3 beams of Light UP from the Heart. No need to try to figure out where it goes but have an awareness that it will pass into 3 pathways. One through the thymus, throat and Oblongata, one through the throat, third eye, Pineal and one through the pineal, crown and Soul star.

Create another magnetic triangle on the Soul Star then breathe it UP until it clicks on the Earth’s magnetic Grid. Again as you breathe begin to be aware of the multiple triangles pulsing up forming the tetrahedron. Here you can also imagine as if you have a triangular magnetic disk stuck on top of your head and it is pulsing up to attach itself to the magnetic grid.

Feel the 2 triangular magnets (below and above) connected with the Spine. Imagine the Spine as a magnetic strip and as the trunk of a tree. Below are 3 ‘roots’ and above are 3 ‘branches’ growing out of this magnetic trunk. These are your magnetic grounding pillars that are anchored within the magnetic grid of the New system that is changing from an electrical power grid to a magnetic one.

Now feel the pulsing of the prana tube connecting the triangles. It is a pulsing tube of light in the center of your core being. Feel the energy pulsing with a speed of light and feel it energizing and flowing in a circular spiral pattern. It will look like a huge donut of Light where the Light is pulsing in the ‘hole’ of the donut which is the tube core. The light waves are flowing up out of the center then down like a fountain creating the sides of the donut. These multicolored waves then flow back into the bottom side of the ‘donut hole’ creating something called a torus the flow of this spiraling energy is called a torque. You are in the center of the ‘donut hole’. Some of you might even hear the hum of a powerful engine. Imagine yourself as a magnet being stuck on a moving fridge door.

Why Magnetic Grounding is very important now. As you continue to work with this sequence you will feel that the expansion of the center column is creating a bigger magnet resulting in the presence of more energy. There are filaments of light ( like electrical coils of wires ) that spiral around the central tube. More filaments will create a more powerful magnet and this will generate more intense energy and raise the frequencies of your inner core. In a sense you are creating a bigger light bulb and thus a much brighter Light.

By keeping the flow contained within the ‘donut’ you will keep yourself grounded because the ‘donut of Light’ is a magnet that is becoming part of the whole Energy grid. Think of the donut as the ‘bulb’ part of your ‘Light bulb’. You will also not affect any electrical systems as much when you keep the energy within the donut. Energy can leak out and you can blow out light bulbs etc when you are not fully grounded. This sometimes still happens anyway especially at certain points when you ‘upgrade’ your energy flow and your system needs time to re-calibrate. Enjoy the experience but be aware of the Ego that can attach itself to this ‘wow’ drama. 

Be aware that the tube cannot and will not expand if you have not ‘cleaned/cleared’ the tube. Emotional Junk, Ego stuff even scar tissue from old stuff will block the Light energies from flowing freely inside the tube. Deep old scar tissue and congestion will cause the light beams to ‘bend’ thus fracturing the light beams and dimming your auric Light. It will also not expand if the tube is not grounded. The waves of light particles are getting stronger as we move into the Shift and it allows us to tap into the higher vibrations of Light. Remember the story of the Lotus Seed. If it is floating in the murky watery MUD and its roots are not anchored in the mud, it cannot grow to become the Lotus flower. If only some thin roots are anchored this will affect the growth of the Lotus stalk. The turbulence of the water will eventually knock the roots out of its weak anchor. Another scenario could be a bean plant that is growing in poor soil with its roots mostly out of the soil. The plant will look thin and malnourished producing very small bean pods and will dry up and wither very fast. Now transpose these scenes onto the life of a human child growing up in poverty and/or surrounded by violence. Its first grounding root system begins upon birth. A child comes in with a clean slate for the karmic ledgers do not come into play until later when the child has reached human-awareness. From the moment that it is born, like the lotus seed, it can be bombarded by a turbulent emotional current or a peaceful loving family environment for everything will affect the child’s growth into adulthood. The karmic ledgers can be healed when supported with a loving environment or its heavy burden could be increased with unresolved trauma. The child has a choice but so do we, the parents, guardians and social community for we have all agreed to play the child’s supporting roles in this ‘muddy’ world. Every choice affects every member of the child’s contract.

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