Identifying the Ego transforms the SELF indentity

October 21, 2021
Carl Nissen

Carl Nissen

A healthy mind can not blame others anymore for anything. Every Choice has a result. Cause and Effect are spiritual Laws.

Identifying the Ego transforms the SELF identity into the choice of stepping in to the evolution of the soul.

Keeping the self in the past and worrying about the present and future is the Ego’s way of keeping us anchored in 3D duality.  A Ego is in full control of the mental vibration in the brain, the emotional waves in the heart and the spiritual layers of the consciousness.

The Ego complains, justifying it’s superiority and wears the cloak of judgement and criticism. The Ego loves to bring up memories of the past reliving the good old times. The Ego controls past life trauma’s and this will affect you’re present life when we allow it to continue being the driver of our life’s. It can be very cunning, baffling and powerful it will fight using every tactic in duality to keep us subdued. We can not kill it nor remove it, It is like a vital organ in the body and if allowed it will completely control our present life.

The greatest tool is the fear of losing self identity. Edward Bernays is a master of the mass ego conciseness. In his documentary The Century of Self they take sociology to a whole new level. Back in the 30’s the manufacturing society of America recruited him to help change the landscape to a society of consumption thus boosting profit margins. It’s one of the reason’s women are allowed to smoke in public. Commercials and elections are manipulating with words, music, jingles and images to entice the human mind. It’s why songs make us sing things that are actually quite destructive just because they have a good rhythm. Consumption of materialism is the Ego’s hyped up advertising pitch to keep the human on the path of duality.

The Ego is the anchor for duality which means the ego will always see things as bad or good, wrong or right, Light or Dark, depression or peace.  Every person on earth has a choice to either allow the ego full control or to take back that control from the ego. Each lesson the ego provides is an experience of choice for us to navigate from duality to unity. The ego is a gift to anchor us and learn about duality and once it can be identified then we have the choice to give it a new job empowering the human consciousness.  We are then given the opportunity to transform the Ego’s role from the driver of the bus to the power generator of the engine room. Imagine how much more energy you will have if you are at peace with thoughts and emotions.

Come to the Understanding that we all signed up for this,  all of it. A healthy Mind can not blame others anymore for anything. Every choice has a result. Thoughts create reality, as Edger Cayce (The sleeping profit) Said “Mind is the builder”.  Nothing happens in this world by mistake. Cause and Effect are universal spiritual Laws, they are happening everywhere all the time there is no way around them, Human Laws are a direct result of this.

The ego’s role is to show us exactly how we hurt ourselves and others. Once we detach from it’s repetitive duality thought patterns we evolve into the watcher of our emotions, thoughts and actions at a higher level of awareness.

To Break Free from the ego’s control we must forgive the self.  A carpenter 2000+ years ago said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do” This could not be more true.  We do things to learn what love is not, so we know what love is. Forgiveness silences the Ego and says it is done,  move on.

The choice will appear when the mind is synced with the heart.

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