All About Forgiveness

December 10, 2023
Shih Yin

Shih Yin


By Shihyin

We, humans are born as Earthbound citizens who live within a 3D-Duality environment that is controlled and run by the EGO personality. The Ego pattern like the heart is part of our human structure and cannot be removed or ignored. It is part of who we are, human beings on a journey of self-discovery. We were created out of Divine Light and Love itself and must learn the mental and emotional pathways of what is right and what is wrong. The awareness of the EGO- SELF is mired and anchored within a value system that does not understand the idea of Forgiveness. To be able to have the thought of forgiveness to enter self-awareness, we must first acknowledge the reason for the need to forgive. The reason being the realization that there are right and wrong choices as we traverse the pathways of Life.


The Ego-parts will continue to persuade us that doing something bad to others is not wrong but justifiable when we are angry and upset. Anger usually manifests into an action that our minds accept as a winning situation. When the mind feels that the action was the right choice, it files the thought pattern into a past-forgotten memory. As we grow older and more mature, life experiences begin to show us a different meaning of life. This is the time when we begin to realize what we have stored in our memory files and the energies of regret and the feelings of sorry for the actions begin to rise to the surface of our awareness. We begin to face the differences between the shadowy pathways of the EGO persona and the Light lanes of Love. The notion of forgiving anyone is not an easy choice for the human mind and forgiving the self is even more challenging for many of us.


It is a private, individual choice of awareness, of beginning to acknowledge of what we have done. Once we accept our darkness and choose to be remorseful and ready to repent, the idea of forgiveness rises to the surface of the mind. We begin to realize that asking for forgiveness can only heal our own life for it is the only thing that can bring us peace of mind. It is the first step towards the spiritual growth of the ME. It is the ME that needed the energies of forgiveness in order to resolve and heal the painful suffering that this Me has experienced in life. Every action of behaviour patterns flows on this earth realms as waves of light and sound in dimensional layers.


Our job, our assignment on this Earth is to define and recognize the multiple shades of Light from the black darkness to the gray in between and towards the brilliant Light at the end of the tunnel. The act of forgiveness when wrapped in honesty and truth is the energy bridge that provides the healing lines crossing from the darkness into the light.

Every time we forgive others, we built this energy bridge within ourselves. This brings the healing balm needed to re-enforce our acceptance that we are part of the Light of Divine Creation. The deepest healing occurs when we begin to forgive our own transgressions and ask others to forgive us. This emotional choice is not an easy one to make and to act upon because it involves effort of responsibility to the SELF. The challenging part is to understand that the act of forgiveness does not mean the immediate forgiveness from the people involved in our drama. The true act of forgiveness does not include expectations of outcome. When we made the choice to forgive, we give ourselves permission to shift our very life path into a new direction of peace knowing that we could lose friendships and even family relationships. A strong determination to forgive is the first step towards the ascending path of the SOUL The following is a poem to enhance the point that forgiveness is for the healing of SELF and no other.


Harmony of Forgiveness

I forgive my thoughts of the separation of the WE

I release the belief of abandonment of family

I release the emotion of disconnection with the Earth

I choose the evolution of Being with a new rebirth


I see myself reflection in the mirror of truth

I embrace my shadow-self within the human booth

I forgive myself and everything around me

I choose self-Love and just to BE


I ask to be forgiven for each dark thought I had

I forgive myself for every time I am mad

Now I understand that there are no enemies in my life

I was just hurting myself with a dark carving knife


I choose to create the harmony of creative sound

Within my root-bulb the harmony to be bound

I breathe the notes of forgiveness throughout my Tree

I reach out to the awakening of who I am to BE

Shih Yin

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