Quan Yin Spring

September 15, 2021
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

March heralds the promise of Spring and the new growth that will sprout out of the awakening earth. There is an increase in the energies of the sun warming the soil to awaken the seeds and roots that have been slumbering under the Winter snows.

Everything that is happening to the Earth is also happening within all that live upon her. This year the Rooster welcomes the Spring with an enthusiastic crow for this Spring brings more opportunities for all levels of growth. The Sun is increasing its emissions of strong Gama rays and precipitates more intense solar storms within the etheric currants. It will affect everything on Earth especially human life and all its drama.

The Galaxy we float in is in the process of the Great Shift in responds to our choice of raising the levels of collective Consciousness. It began after the Harmonic convergence and it is now at the acceleration point of no return. The earth’s wobble has been noted and within the etheric structure the wobble is the movement that precipitates the trajectory within dimensional space. The etheric Earth has already shifted and it is now time for the physical Earth layers to begin the shift into a new dimensional pathway.

This creates the intense opportunities for the human body layers to begin their move into the next phase as well. It has to begin from the inside out the same way a seed begins to grow. We are the seed and it is time for us to awaken the dormant seedlings within for the Etheric Spring has begun. The human body layers are made up of the 4 ‘seed’ layers as in Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual layers like the layers in an onion. All layers within an onion make up ONE onion and this example also works for the human layers. Each layer is connected to all the others for they all belong to ONE human body. As the etheric energies bombard the Earth realities it creates intense ripples that affect the human seed. Each ‘seed’ has to make a choice of how to awaken the life force within itself. Will it choose to differentiate and only focus on one layer or will it embrace the full spectrum of growth and allow all the bodies to grow?

As mentioned before all the bodies are wired together. If we choose to focus only on the physical growth as in attention only in the health of the body, the natural evolutionary process will take that as a command. The other bodies will respond accordingly and base their growth on that choice. The Mental body gives the first command and it is supported by the Emotional body forcing the Spiritual body to accept and then it filters out into the Physical.

This Spring is presenting us with that choice. Spiritual growth will happen for NO-One will be left behind in this process of evolution. The choice of focus will only affect the speed and quality of the process. To offer each seed the resonating energies required for each growth, different etheric greenhouses’ are constructed this spring to allow for maximum growth.

Specific environments are required for each greenhouse such as temperature, soil components, and moisture and nutrient components. This is the Spring where every tool, every guidance and every required article is made available for those who seek it. The ‘greenhouse’ is but analogous to a spiritual environment needed for our evolution in Consciousness.

For those choosing to awaken and to germinate the whole seed, a specific greenhouse is made available. There are many ‘helpers/assistants’ ready to assist anyone who asks for these angelic master gardeners. It is time for spiritual growth to reach the maturity needed if we wish to be strong enough to be transplanted into the higher frequencies of conscious enlightenment. To reach that maturity requires the simultaneous growth of all the body layers with full awareness and responsibility of choice. For those choosing this process the growth process begins at the Spiritual body layer and the resulting spiritual energetic frequency will cascade and nurture the other body layers as a resulting product of growth.

More and more classes, workshops, lectures and retreats are being offered by many teachers, Masters, Gurus and guides to meet every choice made. We need to accept the fact that every choice is honored and every one when made is the right one. There are no mistakes and no errors in the ‘greenhouse’ scenarios. Changes can be made every instant a choice is made in every situation. What and how will you choose this vibrant Spring of evolution?

Shih Yin

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