The Year of the Water-Rabbit 2023

January 31, 2023
Shih Yin

Shih Yin

The Year of the Water-Rabbit


Jan 22, 2023 is the start of the Year of the Rabbit and it is again influenced by the Water element. Until that date, the Tiger is keeping the Rabbit updated. Remember that the Tiger is a restless prowling energy, continually searching for the right path. Some have found it and some have chosen not to enter the higher path. The Water Rabbit is not looking for the mountain top any longer. It follows the choices made by the Tiger. Those who are walking the path will continue to hop up the mountain. Those who chose to stay in the Zoo remain playing in the grassy meadows.


According to ancient Chinese astrology, those born in the year of the Rabbit are kind-hearted, gentle, very smart and open to friendships. However, it does not like confrontations, it chooses flight rather than face a fight. It takes its environment for granted because it has food everywhere yet it is mired in FEAR of survival. It is afraid of being caught, being hunted and would choose to hop and run at every noise or smell it senses. It is a vain creature for it values its soft fur, its sensitive nose and big ears. Unlike the Tiger it prefers to hide in its burrow where it feels safe. It only comes out of its hidey hole to munch on the abundant greens around its home. It wants to be friends with everyone but at the same time sees everything as a potential enemy. There are many kinds of Rabbits and each has to choose where and how to make its nest. All the other signs are also influenced by the rabbit energies in this year.


For those choosing to remain within 3D-duality, this energy feels safe as long as nothing changes. The Ego in all 4-body layers is in full control and continues to strengthen the qualities of stubbornness, anger, denial, judgement, criticisms, discriminations etc. The PEMS bodies continue to focus these Ego-Fear messages into the physical body. Higher levels of energy flooding the Earth in 2023 will only cause more anxiety, fear of life, codependency on the media and anger. Blaming others becomes a regular mental and vocal exercise. This Rabbit does not want to search for the mountain top to enlightenment for it does not believe that there is one. This group will choose to hang on to the old ancestral customs, societal demands, addictions and familiar habits.

Moses had to travel for 40 years in the desert to allow the old guard to die off so that the new generation is no longer hampered by the old belief systems and mired in old customs. Many are choosing to leave the Earth plain because the old teachings are deeply ingrained and it becomes very painful for the human psyche to accept the changes.  Fortunately, in this era we no longer have to wait 40 years 😊


For those choosing to continue to walk the path, 2023 is a pivotal year of opportunities. The Rabbit energy sees a great potential to manifest the energies of gentleness, forgiveness, love for humanity and acceptance of the field of abundance. The biggest challenge here is the overwhelming presence of Mass Fear and the constant target of the Spiritual Ego. For the vigilant and committed Traveller, this year is filled with magical miracles that can only be manifested through the magnetic core of the Heart. The evolution from an electrical being into a Divine-Magnetic being is at hand.


For everyone. we are facing an unprecedented shift in energy currents in 2023. The energy waves are shifting into a strong undertow with the power of lightning and thunderbolt strikes The only things that can withstand its pull is to be fully grounded and anchored within the new magnetic grids. The boundary grid of the pink rose energy is now even more important for those choosing the high road of detachment from Duality.


2023 vibrates as a 7, a code for the earth elements. The Earth’s magnetic polarity has shifted and is now entering the next phase within the Great Shift. This year heralds the increase and rise of magnetic energy that provides the higher electrical power currents needed to enter this next Shift. The source for this magnetic energy is deep within the Heart-Love-core. Self-Love is the key to unlock this hidden source of power. Denial only keeps it locked.


Water is an electrical conduit and supplies the currents for emotions. The Water Rabbit has to face all of its emotions and when it is suppressed it builds up like a dam. This obstruction will break in this life time and might cause another covid-like epidemic. For those who have not released this energy during the Tiger year, the build up of heavy emotions and thought patterns are like boulders in a muddy river. Energy flows like water and falls like rain or mist or even snow as it penetrates the Earth’s shield. Spiritual awakening may be very painful for some and the Ego will fight desperately to prevent awakening. Many will choose to create an umbrella out of FEAR. The stronger the Ego the bigger the umbrella. However, the Air-element is the conduit for thought patterns and an umbrella cannot work in a major wind-storm.


For those on the path, 2023 can be a very exciting, magical year. More things are happening that are not visible to human sight but can be sensed by those open to it. This Rabbit enjoys sitting quietly amidst the abundant green, appreciating all four elements especially the warm rays of the sun. It knows that within the stillness and the silence of the meditative mind, ego-fear cannot enter. This human understands and accepts the presence of the Resident-Soul-Partner and wears the cloak of Self-Love with honor and respect. It surrenders to the energies of the Most-Benevolent-Outcome (MBO) with ease and grace.


From my heart to yours.


Shihyin rabbit 😊

Shih Yin


This year brings hard-work especially for the Spiritual Tiger. If not grounded and committed to the work it will encounter turbulence on its path.

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