The Process of Chrysalis

Nymphalidae – Danaus plexippus – Chrysalis As we all know, one of the most remarkable processes of transformation is the process of a caterpillar undergoing the changes of chrysalis. Understanding every section of this transformation will help us adapt to our human process of evolution into the higher levels of consciousness. The body is a […]

The Human Seed

The Goddess uses the analogy of the life cycle of the lotus to mirror the human cycle of spiritual growth in this scenario. Imagine a lotus seed being thrown into a pond. The seed is like a pod that contains the living, germinated fetus with a dreamlike awareness. It knows that it is entering a […]

The Wiring System

Consciousness exists within every molecule, and the DNA strands are the communicating wiring system that connects and monitors every function of the symbiont both at the physical and etheric levels. Imagine the DNA as a massive telecommunication system that has the ability to go beyond time and dimensional space. Imagine being able to make a […]

The Ego Role

The ego has two faces, and both often battle each other. To gain clarity, we need to look at both sides. The choice begins with the physical survival layer. One side might say, “My Life is horrible. I cannot survive on the little that I have. Poor me, no one cares about me—no one is […]

The Human Space Suit

In order to enter the higher frequencies of the interdimensional highways of consciousness, we need to undergo a massive restructuring process. Imagine the discovery of a new habitable planet. However, to reach it, we need new spacecraft and new space suits. As humans, it is difficult for our thought patterns to fathom the massive changes […]

Life Changing Times

Most of us are beginning to realize that the world around us is changing, and as the Earth changes, so do we as human beings. Our human bodies are part of the Earth, born of her elemental particles, and we acknowledge this every time we quote the phrase “From dust to dust.” More will be […]

The Coming of the Great Shift

Preparing for the Awakening of the Divine Feminine Energies Since the harmonic convergence, we have been moving toward the massive changes necessary to prepare the field for rising into higher levels of consciousness. This has never happened before in the history of the known universe, of which the earth is part of. This year is […]