Quan Yin Magnetic Grounding Sequence with 3 Root Pillars

Quan Yin Magnetic Grounding Sequence with 3 Root Pillars Using the breath we breath energy from above in to the Crown down in to the heart on the inhale to activate the heart. For Women Begin by activating the Heart energy until it feels as if there is a huge ball of Light in the […]

Quan Yin Spring

March heralds the promise of Spring and the new growth that will sprout out of the awakening earth. There is an increase in the energies of the sun warming the soil to awaken the seeds and roots that have been slumbering under the Winter snows. Everything that is happening to the Earth is also happening […]

Quan Yin November

The energies of the solar Eclipse of August continue to influence the currents of change across the globe. The purification powers of the phoenix are available to any who wish to embark on the road of the Great shift in Consciousness for the next three years.   The month of November carries the numerical energies […]

Quan Yin October

We have gone through some intense energy waves and there is no let up. The Energetic ‘storms’ are upon us and will continue its momentum until the end of the Rooster Year. October brings in the energy of the number 1, the numerical energy of the beginning of a new cycle. This time it portends […]

Quan Yin September

  The August eclipse was a very significant happening as it followed the opening of the Lion’s gate. The eclipse was a strong message of the POINT of NO RETURN for the Human evolutionary process of transformation. The Sun is an interdimensional gate and this portal exploded with the eclipse phenomena. It provided the rift […]

Quan Yin August

  The 8th day in August which is the 8th month signifies the energies of the ‘Lion’s Gate’. The shape of the 8 represents the infinity symbol of the First Creation and it is now time to enter the birth of the Second Creation through the Heart core. This year is one of the most […]

Quan Yin June Blog

June the 6th month within the linear human time line is another significant crossroad point on the path of human evolution. It is a halfway point and provides the traveler with another set of crossroads. One of the numerical value of a 6 is choice of crossroads. It goes into three sections of choice. One […]

Mothers Day Blog

 The power of human thought energy when focused on one theme creates a powerful energetic wave that can change the course of human Consciousness. We have seen this phenomenon when the one called Jesus brought in the awareness of the Christ Consciousness and Christianity was born. Other Masters such as Mohammad and the Buddha taught […]

Quan Yin April Blog

The Earth Realms have been slumbering under the harsh conditions of a Spiritual Winter for a very long time. It is finally ready to enter the long awaited time for the awakening of the Spiritual Spring. Spring is the herald for new growth, new opportunities, and new potentials towards the manifestations of the beauty of […]