The Year of the Water-Rabbit 2023

The Year of the Water-Rabbit   Jan 22, 2023 is the start of the Year of the Rabbit and it is again influenced by the Water element. Until that date, […]


This year brings hard-work especially for the Spiritual Tiger. If not grounded and committed to the work it will encounter turbulence on its path.

Quan Yin Spring

March heralds the promise of Spring and the new growth that will sprout out of the awakening earth. There is an increase in the energies of the sun warming the […]

Quan Yin December

December is the 12th month of the year and it is a month of completion. It is the opportunity for all of us for closure at all levels in our […]

Quan Yin November

The energies of the solar Eclipse of August continue to influence the currents of change across the globe. The purification powers of the phoenix are available to any who wish […]

Quan Yin October

We have gone through some intense energy waves and there is no let up. The Energetic ‘storms’ are upon us and will continue its momentum until the end of the […]

Quan Yin September

  The August eclipse was a very significant happening as it followed the opening of the Lion’s gate. The eclipse was a strong message of the POINT of NO RETURN […]

Quan Yin August

  The 8th day in August which is the 8th month signifies the energies of the ‘Lion’s Gate’. The shape of the 8 represents the infinity symbol of the First […]